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    Scotty 009m

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/784990575653461/?ref=messenger_banner This resurfaced again in Los Angeles. Similar one selling for $950+.
  2. Tiger Fans- I don't know if this is real or not, but TGR wedge in left handed on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tgr-Wedge-Prototype-50-Deg-Left-Hand-Rare-1-Of-1-Tiger-Woods-Proto-RAW/353209036625
  3. Don't know, but TGR 50 degree gap wedge surfaced on eBay recently. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tgr-Wedge-Prototype-50-Deg-Left-Hand-Rare-1-Of-1-Tiger-Woods-Proto-RAW/353209036625
  4. +1 on the r7 TP 3 wood. That thing is a rocket and very solid feeling fairway woods. I have one with aftermarket Rombax shaft from 2006. Still in my bag.
  5. I have a set of these, don't know many people are willing to shell out $2800 per set brand new. Steal price.
  6. As I was randomly looking for golf tools,i found an interesting product. There is a new tool for golfers and tennis players who are looking to improve their game. It is called a Sweetspot tool that syncs with your iPhone and Android Device. It is a fun and useful tool to improve any golfer's game. It is not an advertisement and I just wanted to share with other golfwrxers on this forum. They have an early bird special for $89. Check it out. Www.GoSweetspot.net
  7. [quote name='Bomber7' timestamp='1335280879' post='4780594'] Or best offer [/quote] PMED YOU
  8. I'll take a blacked out R11 9.5 bent to 8.5 and 1.0 open with MATRIX 7M3 X flex in lefty.
  9. [quote name='pdkim2001' timestamp='1305335846' post='3232135'] Thanks Rob. Going offline now. Will check PM in the morning. [/quote] Do you have any more left? I will take 3 dozen of the older models?
  10. I may be interested in the burner. My ss is 110 to 115 though. How is whiteboard differ from bb?
  11. I still play the 905R, yet I rather tradeoff a little distance to work my ball through the fairway. Unlike the 905R, I am convinced FT-9TA seems like a club that will do the job. Fubuki has been tour-proven to be one of the top performing shafts last two years, I believe this combo be at its best beyond of a shadow of a doubt. Best of Luck. =)
  12. I recently bought a "TOUR ISSUE" Taylormade TP rac 2 iron lefty from ebay. It was just the head. One thing I notice is unlike the right-handed counterparts, the lefty does not have a FORGED stamped on the back of its head. I am wondering now if I have purchased a fake. It does not carry a serial number nor the swirl-marks like the tour issues do. I have seen rare instances where sellers will put an entire set for sale for 1500 to 2000 since they are so rare. Please tell me your thoughts.
  13. How much is the feel different from the white hot XG9 vs. the Black Tour 9? Is there a difference in weight?
  14. R510 Tour :Would you be interested in just selling the head?
  15. Would you ever consider selling 3,4,5 only? I am looking to get a cavity-blade split setup. I have 695mbs. The long irons are extremely difficult to hit for me.
  16. Is the 510tp tour 390cc? Is it 'Hot melt'? Thanks.
  17. What is the asking price? I believe it is 45.5. Just measured raw length of shaft.It's 43.5 and will play 45.5" Leaves room to trim to 45"or tip 1/2 and still play 45"
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