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    So Puma supports gay rights?
  2. Oh great another embarrassing member added to the Puma team.
  3. I am aware of his nickname(s)- Knowing a person and knowing what some stoneless bois chirp behind his back are two very different things- A "common" nick name? Okey dokey then, lol- It just depends who the commoner is-The mere fact that he has been a Two-Time Ryder Cup Captain, and I am not speaking to his performance as a Captain, only his selection, should tell the Members all that they need to know about how he was thought of by not just the Tour Powers that be however also his peers, because NO man was EVER chosen as a Cup Captain if he did not have the respect of both his peers and also the Tour Players that he would be Leading as Captain- A "cheat" would never get the nod- Look, you and your bois don't care for him and that's ok~ He's never really been out to please the masses- Fairways & Greens, RP I wouldn't get too worked up about Jbird87. Here is a collection of his recent posts. Other than the poor spelling and grammar, you get the theme... About Ernie's disastrous 1st hole About Tom Watson Again about Tom About Gary Truth hard to swallow? The forum researcher thinks he found a discovery. Grats on that bro!
  4. Forged4ever loves to regale about old fantasy stories. Kinda sad really.
  5. He holds the record for worlds smallest arms
  6. Forged4ever If u knew anything then you would know that a common nickname for him is the snake. I'm personal friends with many of the top guys do to my business and he high not very highly regarded like the golden tv persona he portrays
  7. Hes a known creep to women, a friend of mines mom use to date him. Hes super creepy off camera, groupss random women because hes "gary player"
  8. It must hAve been a wig, the front looked to be a different shade then the back
  9. Looks like in his post first round interview he is wearing a toupée.
  10. If $110.00 is an issue for you then don't buy it. You need to find a new hobby
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