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  1. Amazing shafts in there! Should be 107g in the 105X, torque should be 2.7.
  2. Absolutely. I’m going to test the Rdx blue in my 3 wood. We sound very similar to what we like in feel. That HD would have stayed in the bag if it was in the perfect window for spin. Shoot me a message with how it all turns out. I’ll be really interested to see what you test and end up liking.
  3. Same ball for testing btw (tp5X 2021). Not my normal ball but was good.
  4. Hey! So I’ve used Ventus blue and am currently using GD UB… I can only compare feels and experience on course vs actual numbers since I didn’t have the ventus blue on a monitor. I also have only used Ventus blue in 6X untipped and tipped 1” (never the 6TX), while the UB Is a 6TX tipped .5” or 1” I believe. Either way the tipping won’t make it a crazy difference. Ventus blue 6X untipped - a ton of feel and kick while still maintaining lower spin (kick felt higher in the shaft giving it a softer feel). Issues with this shaft for me at this flex was it felt a bit loose and gave me the feeling that I was better off with a 85-90% swing vs being able to amp it up. Flight was mid and spin seemed low (or in a good window). Ventus Blue tipped 1” - probably one of my favorite shafts apart from the UB. The tipping gives the shaft a firmer feel while still giving you an effortless power sensation the untipped blue did. The difference for me is it matched up better with a driver swing that’s generally 90-95% effort. Graphite Design UB 6TX (tipping is 1” i believe - bought from a great seller on wrx they told me 1” tipping) - I played the GD HD 6TX untipped before the UB and loved the feel and explosive power. The UB to me feels firmer than the Ventus blue 6X tipped 1” and has less kick than either the Ventus or HD. The UB gives me the best numbers and is much more stable than the Ventus Blue. I lost a little bit of feel (compared to the other two shafts that may be some of the best feeling shafts I’ve ever hit), but it gives me the confidence to swing full without feeling like I’m losing the shaft at all. Numbers with UB were a decent drop in spin compared to the HD but kept the ball speed gains I was getting from the HD. If you want more effortless power and more kick you can’t go wrong with the Ventus Blue (higher kick point) or Graphite Design HD (middle kick point). If you’re looking for a more stable driver shaft that feels great but has a bit less kick UB is amazing. To me it has less stuff going on which is better for me. Setup and numbers Ping G410 9 degree flat small - setting @8 degrees, 201g head weight, UB 6TX tipped 1” playing at 45.25” : 169 ball speed @113 swing speed, 14 launch and 2100 spin @positive 7 degrees aoa - spin ranged from 1800-2200 consistently. These #’s gave me crazy distance for my speed (trackman #’s btw). Same Ping head and length but HD 6TX untipped : saw very similar launch and speed compared to UB but spin was consistently around 2400-2700rpm No numbers on Ventus Blue but it is probably just as good as UB especially in the TX. Obviously shafts fit people differently so you’d have to try it yourself but these are my experiences. The new Ventus Blue that was just revealed today is probably right up my alley but I don’t think i can do any better than UB currently.
  5. What did you end up in the bag? Great seller here btw!
  6. Hey all! Cash is king. CONUS only and shipping included in price! For quicker response or for more pictures or info text me at (208) 794-9639. Taylormade P7MC & MB Project X 6.5 (4-7mc 8-pw mb) - Brand New never used Z-cord mid size grips - Built by Taylormade in CA - Length: should be standard with 5 iron right at 38” - Lofts: Standard and checked so accurate! - Lie angles: 59, 59.5, 60, 60.5, 61, 61.5, 62 - Loosing money on these with new grips but made a move ping stuff for whatever reason. These are in incredible shape and only has chatter no wear. $775 SHIPPED!! Titleist wedgeworks 58 T grind RAW - Might be the most popular high lofted wedge in tour! Going to match all my wedges so giving tour rack Cleveland’s a go $70 Shipped head only Titleist wedgeworks 54 V grind RAW - Custom grind professionally done (effective bounce is a bit lower but still has a good amount of bounce) - pairs perfectly with T grind shape and but with a bit more bounce $70 Shipped head only, $125 for both T&V grind heads Taylormade Spider X head - Has been one of the best putters I’ve ever used but moving to a Bettinardi inovai 8.0 and want to use my Stability Tour Black in it that I had in this putter. Going to regret letting this one go. $100 Shipped
  7. Hey y’all. I’m trying to replace my v-grind vokeys with some Cleveland Zipcore Tour Rack wedges. 56 & 60 raw and like new preferably. Thanks!
  8. Love your post and a lot of great stuff! Just got fit into $-taper 130 and absolutely love them. GLWS!
  9. Wow! That might be bad for me for how much I’ve sold a lot this year. Well, I’ll finish up this one and probably call it for a bit. Thanks!
  10. Hey all! Have a few items up for sale today! Cash is king. If bought early enough I should be able to get the item out today. For a quicker response text me at 208-794-9639. CONUS only! TSi3 9 degree driver - In wonderful shape! This looks much better than photos show and was my backup driver to my trusty Ping G410. There is a very small mark on the crown that cannot be seen from address and has to be looked for. Wonderful sound and surprisingly forgiving - New Titleist head cover - Steal at this price $275 Shipped Graphite Design HD 6TX - If you have not tried this shaft it is a must! This is like new condition with no marks. It’s a softer TX and only plays a half flex firmer than X. Testing out the AD UB or I’d keep this firmly in the bag. Powerful kick & stable - No tipping - Plays 45.25” - Ping g410/425 adapter $SOLDD Graphite Design AD DI Black Edition - This shaft is also in amazing condition and cannot find a mark on it. This is the black edition with the original graphics & Will Peoples built. Effortless power that started it all - 1/2” tipping - plays 45.25” in TSi3 - Titleist adapter $SOLDD
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