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  1. Wow. These would be so fun to have in the bag. There’s a world of clubs out there I just don’t know about. Awesome
  2. I have Max and ventus red combo and don’t plan on switching anytime soon. So good if you can get it setup right.
  3. Hello everyone! A few items up for today... Shipped CONUS only. Trades would include any Mizuno or srixon blades (any blades in general just depends). First up, Srixon Z785 6-PW - Nippon 120X - 1 degree flat - easily adjustable on these - Standard length stock setup - Totally new Golf Pride MCC +4 standard - These have only been played a few rounds and 4-5 practice sessions before I received them very close to new $$$$ SOLDDDD heading to Canada - talked me out of keeping Nippon 125 Wedge shaft set
  4. I’ve only been able to get a few range sessions in since snow decided to mess up my winter practice here in Boise. The 425 max 9 degree head came to me with a 23g weight in the back (includes screw for weight) and put 4g of hot melt right in the middle of the bottom moving the total head weight without the adapter to 202g. Noticeably affected sound in a positive way (lowered decibels and less hollow sound). I ordered a 15g weight from Billy Bob’s to have options if I found the head to be too spinny or bias in one way. I absolutely love this driver in the Big - setting which is supp
  5. @J13 Will I be able to affect spin rate (or try and keep it similar to the lower lofted setting) if i go from a 25g weight in the back to a 14g weight (weighed both and that’s what both came out to with the same screw) and then put 11g of lead tape in the front with 4g of hotmelt also in the front center? It’s about 15g of weight forward (picture shown above). My head weight was only 198 when I got it and moved it to 202g similar to the lst I was playing. It definitely feels like I achieved what I was looking for after playing with it. Launch went up a bit going from 7.5 (Big -) to 9 degree st
  6. I’m sorry, didn’t see that your comment was for @J13. Sounds like he has way more knowledge on it than I do.
  7. It would lower the moi but because the max is one of the most forgiving drivers ever made you can mess with the cg and not get punished on mishits. I put a 15 gram weight in the back which is what the LST has in the back I believe but because the max has a larger footprint it still has a larger moi or resistance to twisting when mishit. I’m trying to make a forgiving low spin bomber (ventus red tipped an inch and 1/2 helps to lower spin). I moved the cg forward but also upped the loft by a degree and 1/2 so it will be fun to see what happens. My goal is to keep the spin rate I had at 7.5 degr
  8. 4g made a difference in sound when I put it in the bottom center where the ping logo is. That seems to be the spot that makes the hollow noise.
  9. I got the hotmelt kit from golf works for around $150. It works good enough and the hotmelt is the same quality as a good one. A nice setup is expensive but way nicer to use. I just don’t hotmelt that often so I just need it to do its job.
  10. So I ended up throwing the 15 in the back and put 10 grams of lead tape up front to test it at a higher loft. The driver is amazing without changing out the weight but needed it at its lowest setting. I thought I’d try it with a lower spin setup with more loft. The way it’s playing right now is a more forgiving LST. I haven’t played with it like this on the course yet since I just set it up this way yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.
  11. Hello all! Three wedges up for sale today! These have had very little use and were a testing set for me with the Nippon 125’s. All three come with the 125 wedge shaft and is Nippon’s version of the S400 but plays a touch stiffer and weighs 133g. These wedges are very close to new. Mizuno T20 wedges *brand new golf pride mcc +4 standard grips and custom bb&f ferrules - 50 degree raw with 7 degrees bounce 35.5” - 56 degree raw professionally bent to 55 with 12-13 degrees of bounce 35.25” - 60 degree chrome with 10 degrees of bo
  12. Still feels amazing and have no plans to take this putter out of the bag. I’m an old D1 college golfer (in my 30’s now) and absolutely love this putter shaft with the spider x. The stability tour has definitely helped the feel of the putter and still gives you great feedback on mishits. I agree with everyone saying you won’t go back to a normal steel putter shaft. updated specs - changed out 6g weights with 2g weights to bring swingweight down to D8
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