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  1. AD HD 6TX untipped in driver, DI 7X tipped 1” in 3 wood and HD 8X tipped 2” in my 7 wood.
  2. Hey all! Testing has been really fun this year and sticking with the Graphite Design family I know under pressure… So, the Ventus family must say goodbye to a new home. All of these are Like New with very little use. VENTUS RED 6X - Tipped 1.75” (Ventus Purple per TXG) - 43.75” - Ping G410/425 adapter $SOLDDD VENTUS RED 7X - Tipped 1” - 42” - Taylormade adapter - Built by TXG! $SOLDDD VENTUS BLUE 6X - Untipped - 44.25” - Ping G410/425 adapter $SOLDDD VENTUS BLUE 7X - Tipped 3/4” - 41.75” - Taylormade adapter $SOLDDD
  3. 1.) Handicap: +4 2.) Right hand, left hand: Right 3.) Current wedges and setup: Titleist 50 degree SM8 F grind - Steelfiber i110S Titleist 54 degree SM8 S grind - Steelfiber i110S Titleist 58 degree Grind Works T grind - DG S400 4.) Why do you want to be fit for Taylormade MG3 Wedges: Ive never been fit for wedges and absolutely love the look of these - professionally fit would give me an upper hand in tournaments 5.) Are you available for the dates listed? Yes 6.) Will you provide you own transportation to the location provided? Yes 7.) Are you willing to post high quality photos to share your experience and possibly be featured on wrx or taylormade’s social media posts? Absolutely!
  4. Last Price drop before deleting. Let’s get these sold!
  5. Hey all! Everything is ROCK BOTTOM prices since I made another quick driver purchase I need to make up for. Price includes fully insured shipping. The condition of everything is fantastic and looking to only make up for what I spent on my Ping driver and shafts. If you’re looking for a steal then you’ve come to the right place. First up! Sim2 Max 5 wood w/ 7X Ventus Blue Velocore - Built by Club Champion - plays at 41.25” - SST pured (why graphics are on the side) - Shaft tipped 1” for 5 wood - Hotmelted for sound and SW Neutral position (around D1 SW) - Like new GP Z-cord grip - Beautiful condition with only a few marks on face - this is like new other than a few marks shown $SOLDDD LA Golf AXS Blue 60X https://pluggedingolf.com/lagp-tour-axs-blu-shaft-review/ - 2021 updated paint graphics - Callaway adapter - Plays 45.5” (depending on head) - Only hit a few times but moved out of Callaway head - Virtually New!! - High end Low/Low combo - Smooth but extremely stable $SOLDDD Graphite Design VR 7X - Professionally built for 5 wood - Tipped 1” - Taylormade adapter - like new condition! - plays at 42.25” in sim2 Ti fairway $SOLDDD Odyssey OG #1 w/ LA Golf 135 - very little use and was a backup putter - Plays at 33.75” - Tommy Fleetwood setup! A few other pros rocking the same head and shaft combo - one of the best blade setups I’ve ever used but sticking with spider with the same shaft as this one - Like new Lamkin grip - Includes like new head cover $SOLDDD Ventus Blue Velocore 6S - Titleist adapter - Untipped - Built by Titleist - 45” playing length TSi - Like new! - a few rounds played $SOLDDD Graphite Design IZ 6S - Titleist adapter - Built by Titleist - 45.5” playing length TSi - Like new! - a few rounds played $SOLDDD pin 8/18
  6. Hey all! Cash is king. First to pay gets it and will be quick to reply to messages. Everything priced well since I’m on here to find quality equipment and not looking to make a profit. Hit me up with any questions or more pictures. First up! Titleist TSi2 8 degree - very light use (pics show the condition) - Low spin + forgiving (I needed a 9 degree) - compared to TSi3 I found this similar window as the 9 degree in the TSi3 but more forgiving - comes with new head cover + wrench - 196g head $SOLDDD Graphite Design XC 7X - like new and built from titleist - 44” and plays at 45” with new tsi line - no tipping $SOLDDD LA Golf AXS Blue 60X - Practically new (only tried a few times but moved to titleist head) - Callaway adapter - No tipping - One of the best most stable shafts I’ve tried $215 Shipped Mizuno Mp-60 3-PW - Faces show no browning and in amazing shape for the price (priced to move) - a few clubs show some dings and scratches on soles but does not effect performance or look at address - From mizuno and are original S300 standard L/L/L - New Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard 4-pw (3 iron still has original grip and shaft band) - I removed shaft bands for clean look $185 shipped
  7. Do not sleep on this club! I play g410 7 wood with this same shaft and is an absolute weapon! GLWS but this will definitely sell.
  8. Could play either of these right away. So amazing. I’ll never go back after putting tc-201’s in play.
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