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  1. Hey all! Cash is king. First to pay gets it and will be quick to reply to messages. Everything priced well since I’m on here to find quality equipment and not looking to make a profit. Hit me up with any questions or more pictures. First up! Titleist TSi2 8 degree - very light use (pics show the condition) - Low spin + forgiving (I needed a 9 degree) - compared to TSi3 I found this similar window as the 9 degree in the TSi3 but more forgiving - comes with new head cover + wrench - 196g head $SOLDDD Graphite Design XC
  2. Do not sleep on this club! I play g410 7 wood with this same shaft and is an absolute weapon! GLWS but this will definitely sell.
  3. Could play either of these right away. So amazing. I’ll never go back after putting tc-201’s in play.
  4. Hey fellow club traders, Looking to offload quickly and quietly so the wife doesn’t suspect anything ~ everything is CONUS only and shipping included, fully insured. Everything is as stated with no dents, extensions or anything sketchy. Taylormade Sim2 9 degree SOLDDD! LA Golf Trono 65 Stiff (by far the stiffest stiff shaft I’ve ever tried) SOLDDD! Taylormade Sim2 MAX 10.5 degree SOLDDD! Fujikura Ventus Black 6X SOLDDD! Sim2 Sim2 & Sim2 max weights
  5. This is an awesome setup right here. I play the sim max 10.5 on lower setting with a ventus black untipped but could easily swap into this blue tipped. If this was a bit earlier I’d be all over this. I also did some weight swapping with 16g back and 11g front. GLWS!!
  6. Looking for a 19 degree or I’d be making a legit offer. Really nice setup here.
  7. Tipping should be around 1” but not sure (played to about the flex I usually play and usually have my 3 woods tipped 1”). SW was pretty standard at 42.5” but cut it 1/4” to play at my length. I just added some lead tape to get it around D2.
  8. Hey all! Everything listed has shipping included and will be fully insured! Priced aggressively to move these items as I need to figure out my driver situation. I have more pics if needed and will answer questions quickly. This is CONUS only first to pay gets the item. I can provide any measurement pics for any shaft! Just let me know. Trade interests include: Sim2 max 9 degree head, sim2 5 wood 19 degree 3 Wood / 5 Wood shafts Graphite Design Di 7X - tipped 1” Tip grip is 42” - plays 42.75” in sim2 Ti $125 TM tip Graphite Design
  9. I'll take the Greyson if it hasn't already sold
  10. Hey all! first and only today! Byron Morgan 612 flow neck - welded neck - amazing shape! - Super stroke pistol GT 1.0 grip - Byron Morgan head cover like new - original Byron Morgan grip like new - Plays just under 34” $435 Shipped
  11. That t100 set is bread and butter. You cannot go wrong if you’re a good player and not insane club head speed with those shafts . Bought my Miura’s but these would have been mine if not. GLWS!!!
  12. Did you ever get your hands on a Trono 60S? I'm similar clubhead speed and found one of classifieds for a good deal. Same 60S ... I am playing a Ventus Blue tipped 1" in a Sim 2 9 degree and love it. I just love testing shafts in the driver. Thanks!
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