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  1. Ive got some Adams cb1 cmb mb1 and mb2 all in pretty good shape. I find the mb2’s blade length a little off-putting for some reason and actually prefer the look and feel of the mb1’s which just feel like a proper old school blade with its square toe and relatively wideR sole. All of them Beautiful irons though. My MB1s favourite of the bunch i recon.
  2. Ive got a few of those Nike wedges which once belonged to a tour pro, note the grind on the 58 degree.. Never used them since the shafts are pretty stout for me but cool looking wedges never the less..!
  3. Hi All, I stopped using golfwrx when the phone app stopped working so first post back on this thread for some years.. This thread was partly responsible for me purchasing about ~60 sets of blades in about 7 years, some of which have never even made it out on the course.. Im still long about ~40 or so sets of blades.. I found that messing about with different blade sets was great fun and fine when score isn't the no 1 priority when getting out for a round of golf, just chasing the feel of a nutted shot at the pin, but having recently rejoined a club all Im looking for now is co
  4. Im no bunker expert however for me.... focus at the spot in the bunker where you’re aiming to make contact.. ie if you're shortsided in the bunker then stare 3 inches behind, if you've got 30 feet of green before the pin then 0.5 inches behind the ball and swing through Making sure to complete the finish. Also this may or may not be possible depending on lie, green to work with, whether back swing is impaired etc etc.. hope this helps!
  5. Quiet day at work, knocked up an XL of courses played, discounting the rubbish parkland tracks.. 59 in total, over 8 counties.. will be 66 following inverness trip in July
  6. Nice work.. been golfing 30 years and not had one yet.. How far back were you hitting those HIO from with the hybrid? Nailing not one but two from 200 yards is verging on rudeness.. :-)
  7. Cant get past the copper Epon Af-301’s posted on page 2 to be honest.. so so beautiful.. want....
  8. i did the same as a lad with my ma’s Callaway Warbird 3 wood.. just had issues with the club grip being as thin as a pencil..
  9. Cheers for the responses guys - looks like the Apexes are holding their value real nice where I’ve looked.. may see if i can hit one next time i at the range.. I had a 503 and 585 titleist back in the day so may keep my eye out for the 915hd if i can find a decent example
  10. Im considering swapping out my 3 iron for a hybrid of some sort. I carried a 21 or 22 degree TaylorMade Rescue Dual years ago with the TM stock stiff shaft and used to love how the ball pinged off the face of it - club went about 210 yards and was as easy to hit as a 6 iron.. I purchased the same 16 degree TM Rescue Dual but the feel was never the same as the 22.. I would be interested to hear if there is a general consensus on here re the best hybrid of the last 5 years - ie the equivalent club to the TM Dual that i loved (which i think was largely regarded as a weapon back then) but with 15
  11. If ever there was a post that deserved to have its own dedicated thread it has to be the shank map.
  12. Wow what a trip thanks for taking the time to post such an awesome review. I’ve done trips like that more or less yearly around the uk (albeit not quite as lavish) and you’re right its not much fun as a single stuck between groups of fours who wont let you through - rarely happens though. I live in London and the only course I’ve played from your trip is North Berwick - one of my favourite places to play golf..
  13. Nike Sq 17 degree with stiff grafalloy red. Such a good club i bought a spare. I think i got the first one free with a set of MP68’s i bought 3 years ago and it hasn’t left the bag since. The spare was about £15 i think...
  14. Anyone ever thought of getting their baby blades refinished when the inevitable wear spots come? I bought mine second hand and a few of the short irons have got quite bad chrome wear. I ask because Miura irons seem to have a special almost frosted finish on the groove section of the club and i cant imagine any refinisher restoring the irons to that same as new look? Oh and as for the pics of the 1 and 2 irons i have saved it to my phone to perve over at various opportune moments in my life.
  15. When he runs around to hit a putt when the ball is still moving he always makes it.
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