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  1. Hi..question... I am wondering the difference if any in the modus120 x hardstepped ..vs...modus 120tx straight in.. Reason..i will have to extend at least 1 full inch in the hardstepped vs..about .5 inch if I go straight in..wondering if the tx will act same as hardstepped x..i realize that hardstepping is about 1/3 of a flex My clubs are long... Thanks Jim
  2. What would be a good starting point..cally or tm... Wondering what loft I should try..i hit down on driver..about 3 degrees.. Thanks
  3. HI...WAS WONDERING YOUR THOUGHTS ON NEW DRIVER...CALLY MAVERIK..OR TM SIM I have Ping g30 lst..10.5 on small minus..driver is played at full length ..uncut raw shaft..minus .25 ..it was tipped Last time on trackman..here is what I got for numbers.. Swing speed 107 Ball speed 155 Launch 7.5 to 9 Spin rate 3400 Carry 260 ish to 270 Was wondering with the new tech..if there was room for lots of improvement Thanks
  4. hi..was wondering if anyone has had experience mixing the modus shafts..for example.. Lightweight 120 in the long irons and then 125 or 130 in shorter irons.. I was fit into 120x hardstepped but they will be too short..i am very tall.. Wondering if I go straight in with 120x for 456 and then go
  5. Just wondering if there has been anyone who has seen dispersion gains by doing that to their clubs
  6. Hi...thank you..I have heard the tolerances are better Wondering if there is any difference in performance.. Thanks
  7. jimmy71

    TG x100

    hi..hope your all safe . .wondering if anyone has experience with Spining or Floing TG x100 shafts..and if you have..have you noticed a real difference. Thanks
  8. wondering if anyone has had success with Spining or Floing TI DG x100..thanks
  9. Hi all...I was fit recently into the new mizuno irons and the shaft that performed the best for me was the Modus 120 x hardstepped... The problem is the clubs were too short for me. Fitter mentioned to me that they can get + 2 inches out of the irons while being hardstepped..I need then a bit longer.. My question is if any of you have experience with modus in overlength builds... Should I just extend these irons with the hardstepped 120x or would the modus 120tx be stiff enough straight in and allow me to get the proper length...I am 7 ft tall Thanks for all suggestions J
  10. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? ABSOLUTELY...LOVE THE CANCE..THANKSCurrent driver setup? PING G30 LSTWhat excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? LOVING THE NEW PAINT JOB..AND CHANCE TO INCREASE DISPERSIONAre you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? OF COURSE..WOULD BE GREAT..THANKS
  11. I am 7ft tall and have been to taylormade in Boston as well as club champion in Boston...both places say that what I am playing is not right but they don't have the tech to make me something that would fit me in a driver....both places said they would order longer shafts and have me back, but have never done it. As far as irons go...I went with what felt comfortable ion a long iron and wen down from there...I have an awful back from car accident so I like them longer.. I play a 41 inch shaft in my 4 iron and go down from there....kbs tour x flex....4-pw..has worked well so far... It is toug
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