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  1. Wait was everyone anchoring when it got banned? Personally I feel like arm lock is just another form of anchoring but instead of the belly or the sternum you’re using you forearm
  2. Lol relax man nobody is forcing you to buy them. If they’re over priced nobody will buy them and then they’ll go on sale..no harm done lol
  3. Right handed Odyssey white hot pro #3 with the Pro insert Has been used but not abused. I’d say condition is 7/10 considering the age of the putter Has a new DFX putter grip Plays 35” I’ll throw in a brand new “Support your local muni” San Francisco putter cover from the match play a few years back for free. not sure how to price it since I’ve seen these listed anywhere from $150 to $300 I’ll say $225 obo. If it’s high let me know and we can work something out.
  4. My loaner set is just the old clubs I’m not using anymore Taylormade R1 Black Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 3hl Adams a 12 Pro 20 hybrid Mizuno MP 57 4-PW Random assortment of old vokeys Odyssey white hot 7 have other clubs laying around that I’ll let my buddies swap in and out every now and then
  5. Been trying to replace my Nike VR Pro LE fairway, still cant find anything as consistent and as nice to look down at
  6. Yes, as an Asian American, i know people say our names wrong
  7. Li Tong? Thats like saying Woods Ger or Palmer Nold
  8. Quick sale Trying to move this because its just sitting in my closet. Looking for $350 obo 33" 8/10 condition, has the faintest scratch on the top line barely noticeable Comes with Volt Green headcover from The Oven
  9. Interesting he goes S300 in irons and X flex in his woods
  10. Im in!! As a struggling grad student who has to sell pretty much all his clubs just to eat last month it would be awesome be be able to start playing golf again.
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