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  1. http://www.tpmills.com/contact-us/
  2. Rob, Hope all is well? Was just in Sydney about 10 days ago, but because of this crazy Covid thing, couldn't do much........ I too miss a lot of the regulars and having direct access to David, Kari and Lamont. Count me in!
  3. My SS TP Mills one and a Carbon Lajosi. Love them both, but the Mills is my gamer.
  4. David's putters are one of my favorite designs. His Dalehead style putters is no exception. Thumbs up.
  5. I believe that is the case. If I'm mistaken, someone more knowledgable will correct me. ;)
  6. Lajosi, MannKrafted and Mills would be my go to makers of "rock rollers". Not necessarily in that order. These gentlemen can make anything, you would want your putter to be. Lajosi's damascus is insane and made in house!
  7. I play wedges that Jeff made and they're by far my favorite wedges I've played with. Will spring for some new ones, once I'm situated back home........... Matt70, It's been a pleasure playing with you my friend! ;) OP, you're one lucky recipient of a great gift!
  8. Big fan of Jacob Hill/ Piedmont Leather.
  9. Last time I checked...........two........... ;)
  10. I'm not refuting this, but the club he's swinging in the picture, doesn't look like a short iron to me..........
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