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  1. Titleist TSi3 9° driver Ventus Velocore Black 6x (45.75" playing length), GP NDMC midsize grip, stock head cover $530 shipped Head only $300 Shaft only $250 Venture Velocore Black 6x driver shaft TM adapter, GP MCC +4 midsize grip (plays 45") - $250 Fuji Motore X F1 6x driver shaft Cobra adapter (RH) Cobra Connect grip with Arccos - $130 (I apologize if pics loaded out of order, I tried!)
  2. Don't do it! Run away and live in a camper in the woods!
  3. Cobra Radspeed XB driver 9°, peacoat, Small Batch Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60 6.5TX Radspeed 3 wood, black, Small Batch Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 70 6.5TX Both with NDMC black/white midsized grips and stock headcovers $600 shipped for the pair - $385 driver alone, $225 3W alone
  4. Anyone heard anything on this comparison? I'm intrigued as well.
  5. Thanks man! Combo ZX5 4/5 ZX7 6-PW and ZipCore wedges
  6. Srixon 585 4i, 785 5-pw, RTX 4 50°, TM Hi-toe 56° and 60° wedges. 5-pw are 1° strong. Standard length and lie. All with Project X 6.5 shafts. All grips are MCC+4 midsize, irons grips are blue, wedges gray. Pic faces are 4-6, 7-pw, wedges. Hi-toes sold. Irons $SOLD RTX 4 50° is all that's left - $60 Cobra Speedzone 5W Hzrdus Smoke Black 80 6.5TX. $SOLD
  7. I wish it actually "remembered me" and/or kept me logged in so I don't have to sign in every time.
  8. Cobra Speedzone driver (9°) and 3 wood. Small Batch Hzrdus Yellow Smoke 6.5TX shafts - 60g in driver and 70g in 3 wood. GP NDMC black/white midsize grips. Driver has stock headcover, no stock headcover for the 3 wood (but I have a novelty Happy Gilmore hockey jersey headcover I can potentially include). $575 shipped for both $340 for driver alone $250 for 3W Components: Driver head - $210 3 wood head - $150 Driver shaft - $150 3 wood shaft - $140
  9. I'm a lefty so I'm always pulling for fellow lefties and Bubba's wrapping a gap wedge around the trees in the Masters to win in a playoff still ranks up there as an absurd shot and great win in my book
  10. Thanks man! And yes it is, I have the Black 6x in my driver, and have a Blue 7x in my 3 wood, just wound up with two of them...
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