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  1. Finally got it out on the course today and it’s a beast! I was surprised at how long the ball was carrying, and the shaft really works for me the ball just comes out high and flat. Also happy with how it feels easy to control. Side note, at some point the M2 on the back popped off. Not even mad about it, I think it looks better now haha
  2. Got mine in the mail today, this thing looks sweet. I was frustrated with the lack of info on this club, but it looked so good that I took a chance. Got one in the 6.5. It came today and I took it straight to the simulator in my apartment building, it feels awesome. The clubface feels like a cannon on center-hits and feels pretty forgiving on mis-hits. I know some people don't like the shaft but I think it feels good, I also have it in my driver though. I had the UDI 1 iron and didn't like it so much, but that was mainly because of the C-Taper Lite X, couldn't hit it for some reason. My last
  3. Silas VanSky Current Handicap = +1.4 Current Irons = Wilson FG Tour V6, UST Mamiya Recoil Tour Prototype F5, Standard L/L/L Fitted? No, I was fitted years ago at 2* upright but last year it was causing the shots to go left, switched to standard lie and felt a lot better. Reason why I'd love this = Isn't it ovbvious? This would be amazing. I love everything golf and there's no more complete golf company than Taylormade, as in a company that produces everything a golfer could need and at such a quality level. I didn't even know they had a fitting/headquarters place like this. I know PXG has g
  4. Crazy, this guy played behind me at my local qualifier in North Carolina. I heard he was 8 under through 17 holes when I finished and stopped to watch him finish, only to see him chunk a wedge 40 yards short into a pond haha. Awesome to see he made it!
  5. Hi, Most important thing in a golf ball to me is feel above all, and then distance and maybe consistency. Thanks, Silas
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