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  1. I also have a Shapland Maroon carry bag for sale. I forgot to add it. Hope the mods allow this $250
  2. titleist 962B. 3-PW $300 shipped Rifle 7.0 (no shaft bands) standard loft and lie lamkin cross line cord BB1 limited edition 35” - $800 shipped Queen B 5 34” - $300 shipped the SS6 in the pictures is sold
  3. I’m waiting until 2022. These colors stink.
  4. The link in the post above mine. I see at least 4 new colors for the lite and 2 for the hoofer. I really just want a solid navy
  5. Not digging any of the colors
  6. I just purchased a batch of black gripmaster wraps and they are slightly different than the previous version i owned which were purchased 18 or so months ago. You can see the difference below (black is new, brown is from old batch) Out of the packaging they have much less tack to them. Anyone have any experience with this new version? Do they get more tackiness as you use them?
  7. I really would like a solid navy.
  8. I just bought some i210s off the bay. Going to Bandon in June and i am thinking its becoming less and less likely that we’ll see a replacement. I am going to do a compare w/ my cb620s but plan is to be fully dialed in for the trip.
  9. Scotty Cameron has people paying $100 annually just to be a part of a club.. that's how big their following is. sure it would never be for the masses, but there are plenty of Ping loyalists out there, and many have a Scotty in their bag. Aren't the margins on a milled putter high? I think there's a way to make it equitable.
  10. Think you gotta play with it. I did that on my craze lite. also i really want this bag
  11. I am on my second one. had the Oil can Wedgewroks version which i think was SM6 Gen. I reupped this year for the raw Sm8 version. I love this wedge in the sand and around the greens in rough. basically use my 55 on short grass shots but its silly how good the low k works in the sand
  12. kro88

    Titleist 983K?!

    is not. has some sentimental value which is one of the reasons i still have it
  13. i know this take is tired, but man Ping is missing out on so many opportunities by not offering high end milled through retail or custom through the website. I have 3 Zings and a Myday that id love to have modern 'PLD' version of, especially with that raw finish Hovland has
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