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  1. I can honestly write here that I would have never paid the money for this putter w/o the fitting!!!! I encourage all if can to find a fitter and spend as much time as you need and then it will seem like a drop in the bucket. My experience was fantastic and the choices and science was a welcome information overload. I have the 3.0 grip red color and only regret is not having the t line across the top. Hey @labgolf can this line be added I assume if I send it back to you??? Thanks!
  2. I did! He shot 64 in final round...just needed 1 more putt to fall and ran out of luck. Lots of pressure on that par 3 tee shot for sure.
  3. Ok man I give. This totally went the wrong way. I have done plenty of fittings...usually...in their case a TX is stopping or preventing a miss. It's simple logic really..if you can follow. If you swing a driver 115 you probably won't put stiff in your irons. Yes, RF hits s+ for example, but relatively heavy iron shafts for sure...makes a dif.
  4. Send me a couple more profiles please?! It seems you have the knowledge but I have been around fitting many years. You do know what TX indicates...correct?
  5. Oh no I get it! I was fit out of TX in my woods and into X in my irons....what fits works..usually.
  6. Wild....TX in woods to s400 in irons. The guy has his head on right...family love and plays free of stress.
  7. I think he likes his food, his bevs, and certainly his smokes. Someone needs to chime in...don't think it takes much to get a cart on Champions....but I could be wrong. One of my training journals mentions health risk increases at slightest bit of belly fat...just saying. We should all strive to look and be out best...death and taxes suck! Oh, he had Ventus Goose had the Hulk...I enjoyed the coverage.
  8. More importantly for me was the accuracy I obtained with SZ as well. Much improved over F9 I tried to get along with for a while.
  9. Get what you are saying however those two pipelines are probably huuuuuuuuge!?! What else would the folks do in R&D if not keep working? Play golf? Lol
  10. same pic was around at beginning of week
  11. No different than BK leaving the Mavrik b4 PGA and going back to old faithful. No biggie IMO.
  12. The guy is trying to win...get better, etc. Common sense would be to do it as much as possible to achieve best results. Cobra probably came to him anyway.
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