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  1. It has been a while but there used to be a function that I could click on that would show me new posts since my last visit...I loved it. Maybe it is lingering around...but I have looked for sure.
  2. It reminds me of when I lived around there and used to go every year. 2005 era they were charging more for a bottle of coke than beer.
  3. Why not just contact them directly? Kiawah has great courses and great winter rates with lodging.
  4. Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 9.5 X or S depending on shaftWhat is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? Price vs. performance...always. Is it better than same product from a few years back???Do you adjust your drivers after buying? Only when conditions change...so yes!Current Driver Setup? Just purchased f9 two months back however still in love with my LTD black with MRC KK DC 60TXWere you fit for that driver? Y, RTJ demo day rep @ Grand NationalDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality phot
  5. Numerous top athletes have excelled at their craft through the years with a chip on their shoulder. Being a media darling would not be my top priority if I had a small window to compete at the highest level. IMO, the obvious d'bag on tour right now is split between BAD and Reed. Brooks is not even on the bus much less driving.
  6. Depends on may variables for sure. When DJ decided to up his game he related his wedges to a clock face and practiced for countless hours with each one to get better. IMO, you can hit that shot with whatever club you want.
  7. > @awtryau89 said: > My pro has 12 dozen of these coming Oct 1st with his order of ProV1X Left Dash. Anyone know anything about them. Titleist wants feedback and will not release any info at all on spin, launch, etc. Was thinking about testing them for him. Most important here is emphatic WDE!!! Now, you really need advice on testing...errr...playing a ball for free??? This some kind of trick question.... :neutral:
  8. Everything was good at Myrtle this weekend from what I saw. Do not wast money at Wizard...I got dragged into going greens were freakin' horrible.
  9. The Questions 1) What does it feel like when you’re putting well? I'm usually confident in my putting after figuring out the speed. 2) What is the biggest challenge when you’re putting poorly? Wondering constantly if tech can help me?! 3) What is your handicap? 3 edit-following on twitter
  10. > @bladehunter said: > He’s clueless. He’s white and closer to 40 than not. . Am I missing something ? Who’s more ridiculous. The guy who didn’t know what off white is or the wannabe who pretends he does ? Wth? Age and color discrimination?
  11. > @DLiver said: > Koepka: You're too clueless to understand > It is getting harder and harder to like BK. Too bad, because he can play. Sometimes. You hooked me...yeah...like only in the toughest most difficult of course conditions he thrives... Don't tell me you are a BAD fan?!
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