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  1. Looking for the following x flex standard length and loft flat lie.
  2. Looking to get some clarification on what I need to have my MG2 cut at for it to play to the taylormade standard of 35.5. Grip is either going to be a TV+4 or a tour velvet cord. Picture is measured from end of grip cap like taylormade does and grip on wedge is a tour velvet.
  3. Just snagged a MG2 wedge from them for $70 that was mint and has a tour issue s400 shaft but it looks like it's been reshafted aftermarket based on the less than perfect ferrule job. Debating whether or not to keep it as it didn't look like that in the pictures.
  4. Update on this please! I have an SL2 and agree with the comments above as far as storage and classic look. How does the VLX or even the lite lux compare to the SL2?
  5. If you liked the VR Pro blades I’d try the p7tw’s.
  6. Looking for 3 iron only Standard loft and length 1-2 degree flat lie x flex shaft
  7. Blindly picked up a set of the p7tw's after having a brief stint with the blueprints early this spring. Came from a set of iblades, excited to hit these in the simulator. Absolutely love the look of the blueprints but just couldn't seem to get along with them (probably shafts had project x lz 6.5).
  8. Of course this leaks after I pull the trigger on a new set......................
  9. Awesome! I’m going to get out and play 18 with them today.
  10. How would you compare them to the iblades? I came from iblades and now just got a set of p760's
  11. Anyone take a 56 and bend it to 54? Curious how that would play since that is what I would need for my gapping.
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