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  1. I’ll be at the Ryder cup tomorrow and Thursday! Was able to pull a few strings and get tickets with access to alliant energy’s suite off of 1. Should be a hell of a week for Wisconsin.
  2. Yeah I remember that. There was a course in the valley (Butte Des Mort) that got several million from the same settlement. It actually improved the course because the trees needed to go but sadly they just built a pool area with tennis courts…..
  3. That 8th, 9th and the driveable par 4 followed by the par 5 on the back are such fun holes.
  4. I think the yearly costs is about $10K, it's literally like taking the links course and framing it with trees. It's awesome, the member I played with took care of everything but wouldn't be shocked if they charged $150 a round.
  5. Ping g410 fairway wood tip preferred.
  6. Had the luxury of playing West Bend Country Club, couldn't have enjoyed a course more for only playing it once time, as a member of lawsonia I see so many similarities but the conditioning of the course combined with the layout it was absolutely phenomenal. So many good/well designed holes out there.
  7. Perfect! Someone doesn't like their i59's and have orange color dot and x flex shafts let me know next year.
  8. All is right in the world! iBlades are back in the bag.
  9. Red/orange dot 4-P,3-P x flex standard length
  10. Why I go away from ping is beyond me. Experiment with the 620's is over. Was able to find a mint set of iblades with tour v 120x's.
  11. Titleist 620 combo 3-6 cb 7-P mb KBS Tour V 125 s+ tour velvet cord D3 swingweight $700 shipped or best offer face pictures are of 7 iron and wedge
  12. Couldn’t turn down a sweet deal. Throwing in a combo set of titleist, first set of irons since the 716’s I had. Really excited to see all the buzz about the tour v’s. The BB&F co ferrules are sick.
  13. Standard LLL Tour issue x100’s tour velvet plus 4’s one wrap. 4-P $950 obo shipped
  14. Thanks. It’s a custom one from the wrx department. Safe to say it’s not going anywhere.
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