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  1. From a condition stand point I’d say October.
  2. Like Ode says. Typically April 1st. They do spring rates but I’m not sure when that transitions, possibly may 15th.
  3. Looking for one in good shape x or tx 60g shafts right handed no tensei orange or non handcrafted hzrdus
  4. There's a little motel down the street called acorn motel. It's probably 5 minutes away. I would suggest Mapes Hotel, extremely nice, very reasonable price with places to eat as it's located down town. If you have any questions I live on the course so just PM me.
  5. It’s brutal. If it’s going to be cold at least let’s have snow. Based on the measurements it looks like my wedges are both the same length, seems like the 60 is a 1/4 long possibly. We’ll have to get out and play! I’m a member at lawsonia and can usually get decent rates.
  6. Snagged some cheap glides! Hoping they work out. Curious about length on them. The 54 seems short or the 60 seems long. Any insight would be awesome! 54 is in the 3rd photo and 60 is in the 4th.
  7. just got notified from my ping rep that they are no longer taking orders on the glide 3.0's and that a replacement will be coming out shortly.
  8. Bit the bullet and ordered a 54SS and 60TS. Really enjoyed my MG2’s but always a big fan of ping. Anyone know if the TS plays as higher than listed bounce? Also hoping these wear well as I play a ton of golf for living in Wisconsin.
  9. As someone who's owned 4 sets of them I can agree, I've tried everything.
  10. Anyone have any feedback on the difference of the SS grind and the TS grind on any of the ping glide wedges? Looking at ordering the TS grind as my home course typically plays firm but the other course are quite soft.
  11. Thanks! I did not care for them. I like to thing as myself of a pretty decent ball striker (see the trusty 3 wood) and couldn’t justify keeping them. May have been the px lz 6.5’s soft stepped.
  12. I had a combo set of the i500/blueprint previously. I actually enjoyed the crossover much more than the i500, to me it had much better feel and for me it had much better turf interaction. As for the hybrid or 7 wood I'd opt for the 7 wood, ping makes a fantastic product and I'm also in the transition of getting all ping back in my bag.
  13. I haven't played Washington County either but I've heard great things about LLB and had the pleasure of speaking with Craig Haltom at an event at Lawsonia so I wanted to go check it out. Tee time is tomorrow so I'm hoping the rain holds out!
  14. I'm actually going the other direction. I just ordered a glide 3.0 60 TS. The 60TW is awesome when your playing it square, I'm not a fan of it totally opened up but just slightly and it's money. The straight leaning edge/no offset is awesome.
  15. Could be! I loved the feel of the 125 s+'s. It could have been the 620's as well.
  16. Yeah it must be different. I had a set of 620/tour v 125 s+ and spun them by a top. Went to iblade/tour v 120x’s and they spin so much lower and feel much more stout. Both were the same swingweight and lofts.
  17. Thinking of making the drive to Lac La Belle this Sunday, anyone play it recently?
  18. I tried both, had a set of 125 s+'s in a set of titleist 620's and now have a set of 120x's, couldn't disagree more honestly. I lost roughly 1 1/2 club switching to the 125s+'s and gained it back going to the 120x.
  19. I am still gaming them. Really enjoying them. This is the 4th set of iblades I’ve own, I’ve realized im just a ping fan and stuck with them, the launch will certainly be lower but im not sure about the spin. They certainly spin less and launch higher than the tour issue x100’s I was previously playing. I really enjoy the feel over px’s when hitting off speed shots.
  20. Based on my experience the KBS 125 s+ plays so soft. I went to the tour v 120x and found it stouter. If you're currently gaming the 6.5's stick with them, there isn't many profiles that fit that and I have to say the PX 6.5's still spin much lower than the tour v's. Had a set of px 6.5's in raw apex mb's and should have never sold them but here we are.
  21. I don’t really have too many issues with scuffs and even if I catch one out of the bunker or something it doesn’t bother me.
  22. Played the '21 tp5x, ordered 4 dozen this january and they've lasted be roughly 100+ rounds which is shocking. Probably will be going back to titleist as I need more spin than the tp5x promotes.
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