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  1. If you think DSG doesn't have actuaries to figure this out you're wrong and wear and tear provisions they defiantly have it
  2. You prolly have to do it in store
  3. With the higher than normal temps have the courses handled the overseed a little quicker this year?
  4. Bought 3 dozen PROV 1s at DSG had a 20 coupon for purchase over 100 came out to 106 with tax
  5. Estrella is a good course might be able to get on Southern Dunes in that price range
  6. I have a friend that did it loved I said good luck getting appointment because Ill bet they're already booked solid for next year Ive tried to book 3 times over last couple years with no luck
  7. Good luck getting an appointment there
  8. I travel out there 2-3 times a year from Boston I get a Grayhawk WT card and a Wekopass a friend of mine out there has a Troon Card so I very rarely pay over 125 a round
  9. Red Tail is great however played this past Sunday and the conditions weren't what I expected paying 120 now I understand lack of rain plays into it but Pinehills and Waverly Oaks have had good conditions this year.
  10. Men and woman AZ Stroke play was held at Raptor last week sure its fine now
  11. Wickenburg Ranch, Quintero or If you get to N Scottsdale Troon Pinnacle
  12. Yes and alot of us aren't happy considering the person who reported him is a [email protected]#$ and the mods sided with him over Brian
  13. Perfect thread for AZ2AU to comment on
  14. Clarification Brian was going to be suspended when a member was upset with him when the Mods contacted him he told them to deactivate his account
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