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  1. Finished trip with Raptor then Saguaro then in afternoon. Raptor was obviously in great shape however their greens were the slowest I played all week. Hope to be back out in September maybe meet up with a couple of you guys. Forgot to mention Sunday at Saguaro was all diabolical pin placements like 8 was on bottom tier 2 was upper left on a slope etc every pin was tough
  2. Saturday TN Monument great shape tee to green couple wet spots that's to be expected bunkers solid and played again this morning about 420 Talon Saturday Afternoon slight notch below Troon but over all very solid pace 410 teeing off at 230 Saguaro this afternoon great conditions also Raptor tomorrow All in all I've made close to 60 trips out here these are the best summer conditions Ive seen My only nitpick was WEKOPA lets get the coolers out there
  3. Thanks Joe quick 3 day trip Sat 6/12 Monument and Talon Sun 6/13 Southern Dunes and Saguaro Mon 6/14 36 Raptor
  4. Judging by how many available tee times at Eagle Mountain next Saturday Im going to guess their greens are still awful
  5. Ive played 36 many times in December even with a 1 hour frost delay afternoons during week aren't busy as their aren't a lot of golf trips before Xmas
  6. Better Italian food than Nicks or Isabellas but Michilenas on Shea in Phoenix good
  7. Maggianos for Italian my theory if you're chain Italian and you can make it in New York and Boston you have to be pretty good and it is
  8. I more than likely will be there that week waiting on approval from work Southern Dunes would be my suggestion
  9. Im going to go out on a limb and say poor guy didn't realize it was a NE thread
  10. Congrats Mate been playing 25 years 75 rounds a year never had one or witnessed one seen holes outs for eagles including 2 by my wife but never a hole in one
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