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  1. No way he’s happy going to those from the Jordan 11s
  2. Cracked the carbon fiber on top of a M5 Tour last year and Taylormade wouldn’t replace it. I’ve since taken my busy to other companies
  3. Anyone else feel like these run big? I usually wear a 9 in Gfore and 9.5 in Nike and had to go down to an 8.5 for these.
  4. Not sure why Nike has decided to put out shoes that don’t have a big enough outsole to provide stability to players. Half of his foot is bulging over the outsole in one of the pics
  5. Almost mint pair of Jordan 11 Cool Grey size 9. Worn a handful of times with only the spikes showing discoloration SOLD Project X LZ 6.0 shafts 4-P. Just had them pulled from a set of JPX 900 Forged hit a handful of times as well. $220 + shipping Titleist T100S Irons 4-P w/ KBS C Taper S+ $800 Cobra Speedzone Tour 3 Wood w/Project X Small Batch Smoke Green 6.5 shaft $300
  6. Looks like they have actual spikes instead of the ZIT spikes on the bottom
  7. Being good friends with Tiger maybe Nike will pick him up and start back up their “Winning takes care of everything” campaign
  8. Back to Callaway discussion now. I could still could see BK, Spieth, or Rickie being the ones to switch. Especially with Spieth’s recent struggles
  9. That is weird I know one of his teammates from OSU that’s said he’s been playing a Pro V again maybe meant he’s been using it while not in your events I’ll check with him again. Honestly idk why he wouldn’t play the taylormade I’ve found like RF said that it flies better in the wind and goes a touch further
  10. FWIW, I noticed people taking about Rickie playing the tmag ball...that’s false he’s been back playing a ProV1 for a bit now
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