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  1. 34” Taylormade MySpyder X with a flow neck 9.9/10 condition and I only rolled it a couple of rounds just not for me. $200 + shipping
  2. If I had to take a guess it’s because the main secondary color looks sort of peachy for Georgia peaches
  3. He had the smoke green in his Driver last week. Project X mentioned it on their Instagram
  4. Probably still able to find them on there but people got them off eBay. I believe sellers in South Korea had them
  5. Had that happen a long time again that’s why most use the Nike app to buy them now. I’m still pissed about the member access fiasco the other day though
  6. Got member access and already out of stock. Says a pair is reserved until 7 pm. Nike is a joke
  7. I figured the black material would show dirt easily. I have a pair of grapes I wear casually but wouldn’t think about them for golf
  8. Saw a picture of the grapes on Instagram not too long ago. Anyone have any info on a release date for them?
  9. If I wear a 9 in the ZITs what size TP should I get?
  10. Well I’m going back to my react vapor 2’s as well. Although they are the comfiest shoe I’ve worn I will agree the lateral stability isn’t as good and the plastic spikes don’t grip as well as Nike claims. That’s just my opinion though before someone decides to tell me I’m an idiot. Also if I wear a 9 in the ZITs what size should I look at for the TPs?
  11. They must hate money then cause if they shipped to the US they’d be sold out already
  12. Hopefully they should show up on NDC soon those are so clean. Too bad they can’t dhip to the US
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