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  1. I sized down .5 size and they’re perfect. Honestly to me they are more comfortable than the J4/5s due to show stuff the sole is and how wide the shoe itself is. Traction wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be either.
  2. If anyone gets a 9° plus head and don’t like it don’t be afraid to sell it to me…
  3. Ping i59s 4-P used 1 range session: C Taper S+, Orange Dot, Power Spec $1000+shipping
  4. They probably do it the other way so people will buy some of their other models. I know if they released it with the sole swap you did then I wouldn’t even look at any others.
  5. I like to picture my stealth in tuxedo t shirt colors that says I’m formal but I’m here to hit bombs too
  6. And there’s no way the face is going to say “60x carbon twist face” use common sense people
  7. From the pics the head shape reminds me of a SLDR with the SIM sole
  8. I have a set in BST for anyone interested. Like others said they’re very consistent but I enjoy the blueprints a touch more due to the size of them
  9. FWIW, I have a set in BST if anyone is interested. Not sure if this is against the rules so sorry and delete if it is. Just trying to help some fellow wrxers out
  10. I guess it could be legit but I find it hard to believe a rare sample like that would be priced that low
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