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  1. If it is a member owned club join some committees. You will get a better idea of how the club is run and the history. Bonus is that you will get to know a variety of people at the club. They will not all be part of your regular group but you will get to know more people faster.
  2. Swaneset today at noon for a single $85 for either the Resort or Links. Great to see they can charge at a rate that allows them to make some money. Not sure how long it can last though.
  3. I suspect we will not be playing across the border for a while. Every private club's membership is full and almost all of them now have waitlists. Some private clubs have very long waitlist. At our club the Board has frozen any new members. Public courses are jammed up and charging high rates to reflect the demand. WTF I thought golf was dying. I suspect the demand is just a COVID blip and things will get back to normal with most preaching the death of golf. But who knows.
  4. At my course hole #4 cart path runs on the left side until approx. 80 yard from green then end. It goes to the right side and proceeds to the next tee box. There is no path across the fairway but this area is often more muddy as the cart run across there. So relief be given to ball that end up in this area? It is not a cart part in the standard sense that it is not a concrete or paved path but you can see where the carts drive thru.
  5. Up here in the greater Vancouver area every single private or even semi private golf club is full with waitlists. Every course has risen their rates some over 20%. All my friends that are not members at a private club are complaining about how hard it is to book a round. At our club we have closed down the waitlist and frozen all new membership admittances. One of the premier private clubs has raised their initiation fee to over CAD$100,000 and I am sure many are going to follow. WTF golf is going nuts right now. Is this
  6. I know off topic but I reiterate that I want to see no more raking in the bunkers especially for the pros. I acknowledge it is out of pure spite and jealousy. Those f$&^$%k'n pros can hit a sand shot closer to the hole than any of my putts. I just want to see them struggle for once. Sorry .....
  7. I know. Just enjoying the convo like the bantering at the water cooler. Waiting out a frost delay ..... March 29th WTF.
  8. No but I will look for it thank you. But I stick to my stance that any time additional rules are created more rules are required to stop the gaming. It is human nature to want to game or gain the most advantage.
  9. If your ball ends up in the sprinkler head you could force the relief with a one stroke penalty. And in regards to the wrong green I believe there are no rules that prevent you from chipping on your own green so while I can see one would definitely want to hit an iron from a wrong green it can be protected by imposing a forced penalty for relief. With both examples it is pretty clear when you are lying in a sprinkler head and when you are on a wrong green. In the sprinkler head case rub of the green and in the wrong green case you should not have hit there.
  10. No actually the other way round. I posted in between you 2nd reply. I am someone who actually believes in no relief period. No to spike marks, no to unfixed ball marks, no to casual water, no to cart paths, no to divots.
  11. Fair comment. Frankly anytime a rule is implemented or changed it creates other issues. Look at the various legislation. Usually the initial legislation is simple its having to stop the breaking of the rules that adds layers and layers. When ever some talks about historical rules I want to just go back to the origins and say play the ball as it lies period. No exceptions. If you cannot play from there then take relief under a penalty. Ignore everything else. Examples Ball ends up on a cart path ... play it off of the cart path or seek rel
  12. Yes true but my comment is referencing the fact they just recently changed the rules to allow the fixing of spike marks on the putting green. Before this change I saw a similar discussion about how unfair it was for groups later in the day to be denied the ability to fix spike marks when earlier group may not have to deal with them as much. As with the divot argument there were remarks against changing the then rules on fixing spike marks like how to differentiate a spike mark or to pay it as it lies or rub of the green comments. Its the changing of the rules I am commenting vs.
  13. So you must disagree with the new rule that allows one to tap down spike marks or any other imperfections on the putting green. Or do you feel there is a difference between the marks created by a spike or depression by a previous golfer walking in the line of the putt to be different than a divot. In regards to an old ball mark I thought you can try to fix them.
  14. According to the Professional Golfers Association, seven per cent of Canadian golfers play left-handed, which is proportionally more than any other nationality. The reason is probably that Canadians pick up a hockey stick first and are therefore imprinted by the time they take up golf. Hockey did it for me. Right handed doing everything else.
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