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  1. I play CONSIDERABLY better when my rhythm is on. I try to focus on it as soon as I am warm and before hitting any balls. Proper rhythm is what makes your swing feel and look effortless. BT
  2. Do the driver and 3w "FEEL" the same when you swing them. If not, get the driver closer to the 3w. Most stock drivers are too light in total weight and it can throw one's timing off. BT
  3. On partial shots I practice like I play and hit to carry a specific yardage. Runout to pin locations govern what shot I play in every circumstance. It could be hit and release, hop and check or flop & stop. All depends on the situation. BT
  4. I enjoy practicing very much.... just not AS MUCH as playing. BT
  5. I sometimes use a straightened out metal coat-hanger and tap out the little bit that the drill won't reach. The taper usually begins in that area and it will tap out easily. BT
  6. If the Aldila shafts are not in play, it seems like a good option to try. Grab a couple of graphite shaft extensions of the correct diameter from Golfworks so you can get them to the proper playing length. BT
  7. Buy a new-in-plastic head only on ebay and match it up with YOUR PERFECT SHAFT. I've been doing this for close to 20 yrs and have yet to be dissatisfied. BT
  8. I have tried a crap ton of different clubs and NONE of the tech has ever made a big enough difference to take my current players out of the bag. As long as the clubs match your swing, the tech doesn't really matter that much. I hit Ping drivers just as good as my Cobra & Mizuno drivers, but I just don't like the way they look. Callaway and Titleist also hit well, but I don't like the way their adapter works. I don't like the black & white of the TM drivers. As for irons, I like a thin sole with very little offset. If there was a high MOI iron head that had those two charac
  9. Dude! If you're gonna hang around here, you can't be rocking a driving iron with a dang steel shaft!?!? You need to get you an MMT or LA shaft in that bad boy, trim it to around 40.5" and then see what gives. It's okay to buy stiff off ebay, but you gotta trick it up some. Don't EVER stay stock! BT
  10. Get the guy to let you look at them in person and swing a few. If they feel heavy, odds are they have regular weight heads and you'll be fine. Steel shafts are easy to reweight also, so I say go for it if you like them. BT
  11. Ahh, then by all means, look into a bit more loft or a lower CG head. I forget sometimes that I am a strange golfer as I rarely play the same tracks. Good luck! BT
  12. Nice video, but when he said "2nd Swing Tour Van" I spit coffee all over my computer. We need WARNINGS with the videos!!! BT
  13. The original CK was low launch for those looking for a smooth feel (high torque). The CK Pro was next with a little lower launch, firmer feel and lower torque. The AV Raw is pretty much a slightly heavier CK Pro with a cooler look and the Proto being MUCH lower torque (harsher feel). The Pro 1K is the same using much more expensive materials. They call it "perfection" because it's perfectly expensive! Have I hit them, no. I have several of the older MRC shafts which are fine shafts. I have no doubt these are also fine shafts. However, there are l
  14. You're looking for tip stiff with a higher torque rating. Low torque is what makes graphite shaft feel "boardy". Look for a tip-stiff shaft in X with 3.8° to 4.5° torque. Doesn't matter what brand. BT
  15. Sounds like you have a great trajectory for windy days! Play it a bit forward and cut it some. That will get it higher when you need it. Your 3w, like all your clubs, is a versatile weapon. Make sure it does everything you need it to do. BT
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