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  1. Personally I just club up and swing smooth. I grew up in Texas playing a low running shot, so it's kind of normal for me. Most screw up by trying to hit the ball too hard and overcome the wind. It's not gonna happen, so don't even try. BT
  2. This is a 3+ yr old TGM Classic Wrap (Driver) that has worn through pretty bad. I tried 1" of the shrink wrap and that was too much, so I dropped it down to a little over 1/2" and it looks pretty good. Grip needs cleaning, but the shrink wrap definitely can lengthen the life of the grips due to b u t t cap wear. BT
  3. The Motore is both softer and has higher torque than the Ventus Black. Odds are it feels much more smooth to the OP. Increases the comfort level, timing and delivery is better. I get the impression, from the shot pattern, that he was going at the Ventus a bit too much because it felt firmer. BT
  4. I wanted to let everyone know about something I'm about to try. The b u t t caps on my leather grips tend to wear down due to removal and insertion into my bags. I have ordered some 1.5" shrinkwrap and plan to install about 1" on the grip end to see if that helps with this issue. I will post the results. BT
  5. Regal Brands USED to be the US distributor of TGM grips up until 2019 I think. The only two currently listed on the TGM website for the US are Golfworks and Golf Shafts America. I suspect Regal is simply emptying their old inventory. Which could be the problem. If these grips sit in a warehouse for a year or so, the tack on the surface will decrease. They have to be rubbed well with a wet towel or even wrapped in it and allowed to sit for a day or two to reactivate it. As for the size thing, I haven't run into that much. I check mine with calipers after installation and adjust the
  6. You're going down in clubhead MOI about 100 g/sqcm and the VCOG is literally the same. MAKE SURE you have a fitter re-weight them to match the Srixons AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE! PLEASE post your results when you start trying them out. I am very curious how things go. BT
  7. I wonder if anyone "Blade Shames" the Hickory players? I may have to get me a set of those!! BT
  8. I was at a wedding back in '19 and saw a dude smoking a cigar with not only the band still on it, but the cedar sleeve!! Damn thing would flame up every now and then and he'd shake it out. LMAO!! BT
  9. Get an air compressor. They help no matter how you install your grips. It would have allowed you to remove the last one without ruining it. It also has other uses around the home. Tractor Supply has small ones for less than $100. BT
  10. Yes, I play the ball back in my stance. However, you must be aware of where that puts the ball in your swing arc and how it affects the path at impact. Typically, the club path is much more in-to-out for that ball position than for the, more popular, "just forward of center" position. If your clubface is zeroed at the target at impact, hook spin will result. I play with a slightly open stance to compensate for this and it brings the path more in line with the clubface. I learned to do this playing on hardpan in Texas growing up and have done it all my life, so it is second nature now. I find c
  11. As some have said, the face markings are a non issue. I'm surprised they didn't clean it off before giving them back to you. The deeper dents were caused by the tech not rotating the brass clamping pads to allow proper clearance from the frame of the bending machine. Dumb mistake and they should compensate some. New set of irons is beyond expectations though. The slight stuff shown on the PW and the backs of the 9,7 & 6 are completely normal. The club DOES have to be clamped very tightly to avoid movement (which can cause BIG damage). That damage will be invisible after a season of play.
  12. Then you should be good to go. One bothersome thing from another post... You mention the move to the Ventus Blue in driver and hybrid has caused your 3w swing to go bad. It should not. They should all feel the same if the flex is right and they are weighted properly. Bend profiles will have very subtle feel differences, but not enough to cause something like that. I have 4 bags I play regularly out of. Many different shafts in irons and woods. The one constant is they are all weighted and balanced (MOI) very similarly. If hitting one club makes you not be able to hit the next, that
  13. Don't buy any of them until you hit them off the dirt. Mats lie to you a lot more with fairway woods. Personally, I would be happy with any of those as long as they are weighted correctly (which you should have done before trying them). BT
  14. IMHO, Unless you have the CHS to hit a mini driver (large-deep fairway head with lower loft) off the deck, it really isn't going to be of benefit at all. Sure, there are some who just don't like the big driver heads, but the mini-driver tech is no where near what a full size driver offers. and shaft length can be altered on anything. BT
  15. In my OPINION, it would suspect it is due to the design of the clubhead (face flexing primarily). Both the iBlade and, to a greater extent, the G710 are designed with face-flex technology per Ping's website. The differences on VCOG are around .5 mm, so I can't see that playing much of a role alone. But then, that is simply my opinion. BT
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