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  1. Anyone have any advice? Traveling from GA and it seems like unless you stay there you have to wait til 24 hrs in advance.
  2. Does anyone know if they will release a higher lofted version? I need atleast a 12 but prefer 13-14. I was gonna go get fitted for the XF but don't want to waste my money if the newer version is coming out soon. I'm currently playing an Rogue X 13.5 w/ VA composites Raijin Five.
  3. for my 40th bday my friends and I are taking a golf trip to Sapphire, NC on Memorial Day weekend. I started looking into golf courses and it seems most courses are Private in the area. Saying that, I need some recommendations for courses. We're looking to play 36 holes Thu Fri Sat and Sun and Id like to hit up 2 courses per day if possible. I estimate we'd be willing to pay around $40-60 per round and drive about an hour. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also realize some of the more expensive golf courses we could play in the afternoon to get the twilight rate.
  4. Is the paint full on the bottom of the club white? Or is it black like the rest of the set? Looking at a set but that doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks for the help
  5. Do we have an official release date? I know May but haven't seen a particular date yet. Thanks for your help!
  6. Does anyone have anything on it? I'm wanting a new putter and have my eyes on this one but haven't seen anything on it since the original post. I was hoping that it would have come out with all the "Red" putters that Taylormade released in October but no luck. Any help would be great!?
  7. For me d=280, 5w=250, 3h=235 and 4i=220. Callaway epic d, 5w and 3h. Mizuno hot metal irons
  8. I thought I saw somewhere that if you preordered you would get 6/9 even though retail release is 6/16. Anyone else see this?
  9. ok, i stated the question wrong. im looking for pricing on some vintage clubs from the 50's and so. they aren't on ebay
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