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  1. @esp13 are those vids your natural swing or swings with steeper shoulders? Because it actually looks pretty good! Anyway, the longer the club the flatter the plane and generally the pros are using shorter shafts in their driver than most of us are so their driver swing shoulders tend to be a little steeper than if they were using a shaft an inch or more longer. I've also been working on the same issue with my swing and one of the biggest breakthroughs I've had getting my swing steeper is feeling more left side bend/tilt. Eric Cogorno has great video about this out now. The feel for
  2. Hmm alot of that terminology is above my pay grade but really simply, if you're steep through impact or an early extender your low point of the club at impact will be different than if you shallow more so you have to adjust when and where the release happens. Gankas says you'll generally hit fatties first until you adjust where and when the release happens. Basically in the old swing your wrists unhinge too much too early so you can actually hit the ball. Like imagine if at impact you're standing straight up. Any amount of shaft lean and you'll completely whiff above the ball. Once your shallo
  3. Yea probably. Either way GG expects fat shots to happen initially when the swing gets shallower. I’m assuming it’s worse the more steep/early extended someone is before they shallow more.
  4. I don’t remember which video it was but GG says hitting it fat in the beginning is common because when you early extend you also early release the club which is what most are used to doing so when you swing the GG way you still release your old way which causes the club to hit behind the ball. I’m paraphrasing and probably messing up some of the details but basically you have to adapt the release to new swing.
  5. @eagles88 I’d post your swing vids in this thread so the more knowledgeable people can chime in but to my eye anyway, it looks like the radar is off. You look like you’re swinging faster than what the radar is saying. You do have quite a bit of room for improvement though. No offense, but losing weight would help a ton as it seems to be limiting how much you can turn. You’re basically muscling through the ball with all arms and upper body and not really swinging fully. I’d also work on flexibility to get that left shoulder at or behind the ball at the top of your swing.
  6. A healthy strong 34 yo man should hit 75 just pulling the club out of the bag. you have to post video of your swing. Something seems extraordinarily wrong either with your swing or the radar and I’m really curious which. (on a sidenote did you play any other stick and ball sports before golf? If so, were you able to create decent speed with those sticks?)
  7. You’d be hard pressed to find a player in any top pro league that started playing as an adult. Basketball might have the most as it’s so difficult to find 7’2” genetic freaks. I think guys like Patrick Ewing and Manute Bol didn’t pick up a basketball until at least mid to late teens or something like that. Anyway, yeah golf is pretty counter intuitive. Hit down to hit it up. The sweet spot not in line with the hands/shaft. None of it makes sense. I suppose the only natural part of the swing is after the downswing is initiated as the swing is mostly outside of your control a
  8. I treat it like a sport, but practice sessions especially can be very meditative for me as well. More often than not when I play a round I take it pretty seriously but I can also play a beer round with friends and just have a good time. so all in all as someone said above, golf really can be a lot of things.
  9. I just finished reading this and I’m wondering what in the book specifically helps with shanks? Is it the purposely practicing hitting various parts of the club face bits?
  10. As a fan, I rather see a 65 year old Tiger or Fred Couples than whoever the 120th guy to get in is.
  11. Once you get em you never really do conquer them. You can only hope to subdue them. For me, working on not early extending has been helping a bunch.
  12. I’m not sure if it’s any better but I try to use swing feels rather than swing thoughts (if there’s actually any difference). I’ve really been able to simplify my swing to something pretty repeatable and consistent using basically just 2 feels, 1 to trigger the backswing and another to trigger the downswing. For better or worse, I can’t imagine playing without some kind of mechanical thought whether a feel or a pure swing thought. But who knows? Maybe if I could just be completely outside the swing I’d be on tour and not a 13 handicap
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