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  1. thanks! initial reaction are these look a lot better than they did in the catalogue
  2. from Rory’s new instagram. any idea what these are? don’t look like Roshe’s to me
  3. I've played out there a ton as a single and you've never been able to book as a single through the website as far as I know. I usually just call the resort line and they are happy to get me on the tee sheet. Was there in June and Red/Blue are indeed closed until October. Black was fairly busy but it was in great shape and a lot of fun.
  4. I practice out at Cedar Crest a lot. About 2 months ago the greens were in pretty rough shape (unputtable in spots) but as others have said, they’ve got it in good shape right now. Can definitely feel the Tillinghast design with big holes and a lot of elevation change. I wonder if the conditioning correlated with them being the qualifier host for the Dallas Am over the next two week. Hopefully the conditioning continues
  5. I've played the J15CB's for the last 4 years and have tried to knock them out of the bag with nearly everything and they are just better than all I've hit. I will be looking for a backup set soon.
  6. Making a trip next week with some buddies. Our round at Bay Hill was scrubbed due to them punching the greens. We have OCN lined up for Thursday and making the trip out to Streamsong Black on Saturday. Looking at Waldorf / Ritz / Championsgate for the Friday round. Any stand out or are we just splitting hairs at this point?
  7. Brand new white Vessel Lite Stand bag with tags and warranty slip. Won this in a club event but already have the exact same bag. I absolutely love this bag and get compliments on it all the time. It is constructed of a very nice synthetic leather (as opposed to nylon) and wipes clean with a wet rag. Features include a leather rain hood, magnetic rangefinder pocket and other generously sized pockets for everything you need during a round. Also carries very well with a comfortable double strap. Price is $OLD and no trades at this time. Thanks
  8. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? YesCurrent driver setup? Taylormade M3 w/ HZRDUS Black 6.0What excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? I have made some big swing changes over the fall and would love to get fit into the new line to optimize my numbersAre you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Absolutely
  9. Listing a mint Project X Hulk PVD 6.0 60g shaft with Taylormade adapter. Measures 44 1/4 tip to butt with a like new Lamkin cord grip. This has been by far my favorite shaft to date, low spinning and awesome trajectory. I get a ton of questions on which shaft this is as it looks so good in a build out on course. Switching out of a Taylormade head so ordering a new one with the proper adapter. Would like to get $225 for it. Only trades would be for a 3 wood, preferably an M5 or TS3 with stiff to x-stiff shaft.
  10. I have played all courses multiple times and carried each time (age 28). While the Black is an easier walk (topography wise), it sometimes can feel hotter because of the sun reflecting off of the sand and waste areas all over the course. Since you are playing in the morning, I think he could walk it with a caddy but I wouldn't have him carry. My friend and I looped 36 in the middle of June last year and he had to stop after 27 so if you guys want to play 36, I would recommend carting the second round as Red/Blue have much more elevation change.
  11. I have tried nearly every iron over the last 3 years to knock them out of the bag and can’t. Mine are starting to wear now and I’m getting very apprehensive about finding a replacement set
  12. > @JaketheJack said: > > @Lefty_13 said: > > Anybody a member out at Las Colinas CC? Heard they had an exodus of members due to conditions. Drove by yesterday and it looks like they are redoing much of the course. Another ClubCorp victim? > > There were 70 of us that moved. We loved the course and the gambling that came out of it. But the course is run by people that have no clue what they are doing and truthfully some of the worst food and service around. > > Outside or T and Don in the men’s grille, the place is a total foul up. > > Hopefully the
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