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  1. Club founded in 1899 though I believe the course opened for play in 1901.
  2. Yes, they have all 18 holes open now.
  3. Camden CC is a fun course with one of the best first nines in the Carolina's. Affordable and in a great location if you are looking between Florence and Cola. Wildwoode CC is an affordable neighborhood course with surprisingly firm and fast conditions. I have only played it twice but really enjoyed it. Forest Lake actually has a great group of younger guys (by their standards-think early 40's) that have some pretty epic gambling games. Columbia CC is a solid course though the amenities seem a bit outdated. CC of Lexington is a fun course.
  4. Ironwood is my go to! Pine Needles bar food is very solid. Asten's is unique and worth a visit. Love the club sandwich at the Villager Everything I have had a The Deuce has been good. Hangover breakfast at Pinecrest Inn is a must. Also like Maxie's and Pinehurst Pizza.
  5. I have played OTF several times, last round was this past weekend. It is a fun course that doesn't beat you up with length, however some fairways are pretty tight, so if you are spraying your tee balls you might have a long day. Greens are countered and challenging in a good way. Course has some really beautiful mountain views as well. One caveat-it is a no alcohol course. So bring your own (against the rules) or know a member who can get beer for you. The club used to sell to the public, but would not sell to us last Saturday, as we were told they only sell to members now.
  6. Ballyneal-nice enough course, but can’t say it moved the needle for me. Maybe I missed something. Fishers Island-don’t get me wrong there are some all world holes there and the eye candy is off the charts, but it’s not top 20 in the US. Crystal Downs-hey I love the place and 5-8 might be the best four hole stretch in America, but it is not top 20, thanks for playing.
  7. Drinks at Pinecrest Inn and Pine Needles Sunken Bar. Dinner at Ashton's Lunch at the Villager. Ironwood
  8. Takosushi Indian Queen (drinks) Finch & Fifth Craft & VIne Arsenal Tap Room Abel Browns Becks
  9. I'm on it. I have hosted once and been hosted once. Both great experiences. I am on primarily to host people as it gives me a good reason to play my course more often and meet like minded people.
  10. These are the best fitting shirts in golf. The fabrics are innovative and topnotch. Color ways are on point and love the clean no logo look. Oh, and also very easy to care for.
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