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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! Just like the Burner 2.0 six iron give away they had a few years back.
  2. Other than the change in the color of the badging, you'll notice subtle changes in the bounce of the short irons for better turf interaction.
  3. Have an AD-DI 7S in my 910F 3 wood. Great feeling shaft that gives me a nice mid trajectory.
  4. I game the Mizuno MP-68's myselft. Recently bought a set of Titleist ZM's as a backup set.
  5. I would go with the MP-33 myself if you could find a set in good shape. The MP-33 is the benchmark for Mizuno blades. As for the MP-67's, I wasn't a fan of the slender cut muscle design, being more of a traditionalist. However, Mizuno corrected the design issues of the MP-67 when they created the MP-68's.
  6. Agree with 2 posts above, a 4 wood Is the way to go.
  7. [quote name='memphisunited' timestamp='1316114713' post='3566603'] I hit the AP2s with the DG s300. I like the feel. Ball flight is consistent and shot pattern is usually pretty tight. [/quote] +1
  8. A 710 mb/cb combo set. 3-7 cb & 8-pw mb.
  9. Great news! Thanks Titleist! Looking forward to placing an order in the near future.
  10. Lamkin 3Gen's are a great choice with just the right amount of tackiness and softness and are very reasonably priced too, around $5 a grip. Just make sure you clean them on a regular basis or you'll encounter some slippage. The Iomic Sticky, Tacki Mac Itomics, and Premio's are some other options that fit your needs.
  11. G10/G15 4 Wood is available LH. Solid clubs. If you are on a budget, then the Nike SQ2 and Titleist 904F both 17* are available LH
  12. My Titleist setup 905R 10.5 Matrix Ozik Code 6 909F2 15.5 Titleist Matrix AP2 3-PW DGS300 Vokey SM 52.08 S200 Vokey SM 58.08 S200 Scotty Studio Select Newport 2
  13. DaPlaya604


    The CS Lite shafts in my S58 were replaced with DG S300 shafts. Resulted in better overall feel and ballflight compared to CS Lite shafts. If you want to stick to Ping shafts, then the ZZ65 is good option as well.
  14. No difference. Same head.
  15. I agree with the other posters above. I did notice that the FT Tour does launch a little on the high side. I believe there was another post here recently about a user hitting the FT Tour driver higher than his FT-9 Tour driver using the same shafts.
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