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  1. It wasn't even too bad, but yeah it was full rain gear. I got to try my new Sunice rain suit and man it was amazing! With my work and family schedules I don't really have the luxury of choosing when to play anymore - so it's play in the wet or not at all. And I choose golf haha! Morgan Creek is probably the best for drainage? Pagoda Ridge used to be pretty good too after heavy rain.
  2. Morgan was ok this morning. Obviously not 'playing the ball down' good, but very playable. Didn't lose any balls due to plugging in the rough or fairways.
  3. Aeration, shorter days, and the fact that I need to play early limits options on sunny weekends.
  4. Yeah, paid $70. I'd say the conditions were good enough that the price wasn't too offensive, but definitely not where I'd prefer to play. Either way, we got paired with some fun guys and had a great time.
  5. I think the two courses that really need some money pumped in are Westwood and Peace Portal since they have so much potential to be great. I haven't played WP this year but played it once last year and it was in awful shape. Nice to hear there's been a little improvement there. Played Hazelmere this morning since it's the only place we could find a time. Course was in surprisingly good shape; fairways cut nice and tight and greens rolling smooth. However the layout is still Hazelmere. I'm not a long hitter by any stretch and I think I only used driver 3 or 4 times (blue tee) which really exposed my weak fairway wood/hybrid abilities.
  6. Oh man that's heartbreaking. Hyde Mountain is so fun & beautiful - a shame to see the area get bulldozed.
  7. I worked just outside of Sicamous for a couple summers and played Hyde Mountain a TON. It's an absolute favorite of mine, but definitely a bit quirky. The first time you play it some of the strange holes can slap you upside the head, but once you learn the course it's great. Hole #4 you tee off a cliff to a fairway...must be 300 feet below the tee box? A few holes straight up the mountain, bunch of blind shots etc. Sort of comparable to The Rise in Vernon maybe? Not sure what the rates are these days, but you used to be able to play for $30 GolfNow Hot Deal quite often.
  8. Yeah, I've been beating that drum this year as well. Love the Ridge but I feel like I might as well enter the pro shop bent over walking backwards with a tub of lube ready to go. At least they finally allow 3somes instead of 4 only. $150 on a Saturday with a small bucket of balls, and then you get to the first green and a portion of it is GUR...ridiculous. (earlier this season). But if golf ever slows down around here, I'll remember the courses that got greedy and avoid them. But yeah, they are selling out so not going to change anytime soon.
  9. Good time at Redwoods yesterday morning. Greens were amazing and course was great as well. Back left pin on #7 and brutal pin on #9 was a tough scene. Pace, as always, a little slow despite teeing off early.
  10. I played Sandpiper the other day and it reaffirmed its place as one of my favorites. It helped that I was striping it off the tee for once. Greens were faaaaaast and tough. Course definitely has a couple rough spots (#2 green, #9 tee box etc) but overall very good for the $60 I paid.
  11. Agree on Northlands. We usually make a once/year pilgrimage out there and play some team match play or skins to help us feel less beat up.
  12. Great assessment above. I agree with almost all of it. 1) Fraserview. Fair rates year round, good in the winter, greens always punching above their weight class, Marshalls actually do their job. Fun par 5s, beautiful par 3s. A true jewel of a muni. 2) Morgan Creek. Amazing conditions year round and a tough test of golf even with the rough always kept pretty resort esque. I'm a 70s player at most courses yet somehow I ALWAYS end up at 80 or higher when playing Morgan, despite playing most of my golf there. Really well run facility overall as well, it feels like they value your business. 3) Northview Ridge. Since the installation of the go-kart track they seem to have found their way again. Conditions are very good and it's probably my favorite layout in the area. A lot of "half par holes" which leads to exciting golf IMO. Too bad it's overpriced and the booking policy is maddening. Best par 3 - Fraserview #13 Best par 4 - Morgan #1 Best par 5 - Canal #8
  13. Also, here's a wildly unpopular take - #13 at Morgan stinks [ducks for cover]. It's only a good risk/reward hole for 1-2 months a year when the fairway gets baked and drives can bounce down the speed slot onto the upslope (super long hitters being the exception). For the rest of us, having 235-255 off a downslope into a green with no bailout long and a hazard 1 yard off the front is impossible. So it's a 3 shot hole where your 2nd shot is completely a throw away shot. Usually a choppy little 6i down the hill for me. That said, I think #2 is a fabulous par 5. That maple tree/bunker combo short left of the green is an absolute destroyer of souls. If not going for it the layup needs to navigate the lateral hazard across the fairway and the bunker on the right, where the best angle into the green is.
  14. YEEEESSS!!! I have been arguing the Big Sky is the most overrated course in BC for years (and I lose all the arguments). Honestly, it's basically Meadow Gardens but with higher price, worse conditions, and a big pretty mountain.
  15. Tower Ranch is a 4 hour kick in the nuts if you play without any local knowledge haha. Fun course though and great conditions when I played there. The amount of putts I legitimately read backwards was crazy. Sad to hear Gallaghers has fallen off. Sagebrush is next up on my interior list. Hopefully I can make it work at some point. Hard to get on once you contact them?
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