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  1. I'm just glad all the prelim stuff is over and we're finally playing Golf. I sat yesterday waiting for the Queen of England to come out and Knight a few folks......
  2. You mean they already don't? Please note. You can not and you will not please everyone.
  3. I've owned about5-6 different Bushnell RF's over the last 20+? years and never had this issue. I do recall the one I had about 10 years ago would go through a battery every summer but it got a great deal of use. I have had a couple of dealings with their service department and have been more than satisfied. The last one was just recently repairing one I dropped. Just out of warranty, no receipt, fixed and returned (shipped back) for no charge.
  4. I wish those that think they're entitled to harass / say whatever they please would just stay home. I don't see an issue holding anyone to a standard of respect. As far as I'm concerned this type of behavior should have been addressed long ago. I applaud Monahan for taking action. Only issue I have is having waited so long to do it. I am sick and tired of listening to Bozo's yelling at the tournaments. It's certainly not what I tune in to hear. Flame away, you'll only prove my point.
  5. LOL me thinks you have it backwards. I’d even bet big money you are far from the majority with your comment. Hope you get some help.
  6. Pro v1 Bridgestone RSX if it was on the list. First and only ball to kick a Titleist ball out of the bag before the Pro V. Clear back to when they made 80-90-100 compression Balata balls.
  7. Yes, I kept it. Titleist ProV 1 5/1/2015 Titleist sent me a nice bag medallion I attached to my bag. The Golf Course gave me a pretty cool plaque to hang on my wall which the ball sits in. Still have the ball I made my Albatross with. (3/19/08) Bridgestone e5+. Sits in my desk drawer.
  8. You and me both. Love everything about them.
  9. Had my Pro XE (magnetically) attached to the cart roof support . Fumbled it while removing to lazar a flag and landed on the cart path. Picked it up and was no longer working. With the drop and landing that it took I wasn't all that surprised. Got on the Bushnell website and filled out their form and sent it in for repair. Was one of the easiest things you could do in regards to sending something to them. I explained exactly what happened on the form and without a receipt, sent it in. They have emailed me telling that it has been repaired and on the way back. No charge for repair or the return shipping. I fully expected to pay for the repair and return shipping. Great service. Thanks Bushnell
  10. What a way to start off, putting this up as your first AND LAST post. Fixed it...
  11. You can miss the 36 hole cut and still be playing the next week. The "Cut" is going from 125 down to 70... You make the playoffs you play until you don't make the "cut" which is the reduction of the field from week to week. Why after 36 holes when it's very possible you'll be back the next week, depending on your status.
  12. Top 125 make the playoffs. They have qualified to play in the Fed-X cup. Why do they have a cut after 36 holes at the No.Trust? The "cut" is after 72 holes going from 125 to 70. IMO all players should be playing all 72 holes in an effort to move on. Doesn't make any sense to me.
  13. Driver and FW Tour AD Green Quattrotech Shafts: The green is the highest launching of the Quattrotechs but certainly nothing crazy. If you have trouble getting enough air (height) with the FW's this is the shaft for you. This includes Driver and hybrids as well. IMO all of the Tour AD's are excellent shafts. If I could only pick one from Driver down to and including iron shafts these would be it. Stable - smooth - solid - durable and anything/everything else that makes a good shaft a great shaft.... are the best overall shafts I've played with over the years. Put my 1st one in play back in 2005 ish. After chasing the latest and greatest ever since I've yet to find anything better. As good perhaps but nothing better. They are practically a steal for anyone looking for a used one to give a try. We all have a favorite OEM shaft that we seem to get along with better than others. A shaft we can just toss in and have work, be dependable right from the start. These are mine. Only disappointment has been counting up all the money I've wasted chasing the latest and greatest....
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