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  1. There's two of them... Edit: found another one. lol Pic below. Kinda easy actually. Some are rather obvious while others are not. I've had this "collection" (there's more, towels, hats, grips etc.) sealed up and put away for close to 15 years. Very happy with the condition it has remained in. Yes, generally speaking they were his friends that lost to him. "LOSER" Lots more to go through but I don't believe I have the box. Doesn't mean it's not there however. These covers have actually been quite safe. Sitt
  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Changing clubs at this point is more about the mental aspect.
  3. My understanding was that those were just for his friends. I’m not saying that it’s gospel truth but that’s what I was led to believe. Anybody?
  4. Just built a new home and the man cave will have a pretty good display. This is what has finally got me moving on sorting all this out.
  5. Making some progress. Here’s one of the many Putters I’m getting the correct head cover matched up to. I Bathed the heads in baby oil (many years ago) and wrapped them for storage which is why the head cover isn’t stored on the Putter.
  6. This might take a few minutes cataloging.
  7. They are all Cameron covers. About 20 of them go to the Putters the rest were all collected many years ago ranging from "Scott Cameron" forward up to around 2006. I'll guess there's about 100+? I'll post a pic in a day or so for fun.
  8. Yup - Thanks. Now I know what I'm looking for when I dump 5 garbage bags out on the floor... I made the mistake of separating the headcovers from the Putters 20 years a go....
  9. Long story short. Does anyone know which Head Cover came with the Original Scotty Cameron Private Reserve Putters?
  10. Having "celebrities" interviews were great. Didn't have to wait for a commercial to go and use the restroom or grab a snack...
  11. It' seems around here most course simply have no "Local" Rule regarding sprinkler heads within 2 club lengths or even up to touching of the green. If your line is obstructed by the SH's it's too bad. You're chipping. How do you guys play it - do any, most of the courses you play have any of their own "Local" rule covering the sprinkler heads?
  12. Rangefinder only. No case or accessories. Very good to excellent condition. Works perfectly. Will install a new battery before shipping. thought I had lost it so bought another one from a member here when I posted a want to buy. Naturally I found it three days after receiving the other one. Can send as many pics as needed. $175 shipped to your door. U. S. Only
  13. Haven't had/don't really have the extra time to figure out how to leave feedback in regards to a WTB since they've changed everything around. Is it possible? How to do it? No, I didn't search for the answer.... too much going on right now. Thanks
  14. idrive

    2020 US Open

    Still look like polka dots on TV and still fugly.
  15. idrive

    2020 US Open

    Haven't read all the previous posts to see if anyone has commented on these polka dot Nike hats are just flat out fugly
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