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  1. Haven't had/don't really have the extra time to figure out how to leave feedback in regards to a WTB since they've changed everything around. Is it possible? How to do it? No, I didn't search for the answer.... too much going on right now. Thanks
  2. idrive

    2020 US Open

    Still look like polka dots on TV and still fugly.
  3. idrive

    2020 US Open

    Haven't read all the previous posts to see if anyone has commented on these polka dot Nike hats are just flat out fugly
  4. Bummed watching Tony struggle. No one I'd rather see win than Tony.
  5. Which could be true but he and Barbara were just tested again for the anti B's a couple of days ago.
  6. Brooksy shoots 80 today. I doubt he gave it much effort but then that's how much class he has.
  7. Well, kiss today goodby. Going to have to be able to watch tomorrow to see Rahm hoist the trophy.
  8. Why didn't Rory go back further (10-15') and drop in the much shorter grass instead of the longer grass after flopping it into the water? Looked like he had the point where it landed and himself in direct line with the flag.
  9. So tired of hearing how he doesn't care... it's not a Major. BS. There isn't a guy that goes out there that doesn't want to win regardless of what Tourny it is. The guy had his day(s). It's over and all down hill. I couldn't be happier.
  10. The reason for his click bait commenmts are because his game can no longer speak for itself. Living on your laurels won't keep you relevant for long.
  11. I only read the 1st couple of responses.... Shouldn't everyone be held to the same level in regards to the game and it's rules?
  12. I think Brooks Kopout has had his run. Using excuses now for his poor play is nothing short of disgusting on his behalf. Oh, I just care about majors... give me a break. The guys day has come and gone. The only way he can try and stay relevant is to try and provide clickbait. Put other people down. Provide excuses for his poor play. Anyone really believe that if your knee was as bad as he makes it out to be you would continue to play on it, is fooling themselves and most assuredly never had a bad knee. He has faded, will continue to fade and I couldn't be happier to see him continue t
  13. I think I really like, much prefer this 3 guys rather than two in a group thing.
  14. Curious what shaft that is. IMO getting the right shaft is more important than the head it's attached to. Although there are certainly instances the two can enhance each other.
  15. I agree with Brooks having a major drought, actually a win drought in general. Hope he enjoyed his time at #1 because it won't happen again. Waaaaa - It's because he's played like crap. Have to remember he only cares about Majors. The rest are just tune ups.
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