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  1. They better be offering that center shafted Tyne in left handed or else I will lose my mind. I’ve considered spending $500 to get one and covert it to center shafted.
  2. Not looking for any trades at the moment but am a sucker for center shafted mallets. Just one item up for sale which is a Ben Hogan by Bettinardi BHB-7 Big Ben center shaft putter. Plays at 34” with a 1” butt extension. New Winn midsize grip. Comes with matching magnetic head cover. I can’t find a lot of info on specs online. It feels like the head weight is probably 355-360g. I have some lead tape on there which I can remove before shipping if you prefer. This is face balanced with no toe hang. It is in mint shape with just a little ding on the face by the “D” in Bettinardi. This isn’t goin
  3. Not looking for any trades at the moment. Just one item up for sale. A PING G400 17.5 degree fairway wood with an Aldila Tour Green 75-S. Standard 42.5” length. Standard 1” tip trimming (which is also the same for 3 wood usage but would play 0.5” shorter). Shaft and grip are basically brand new and used for 2 rounds. Head has been used a season or so. Crown is in nice shape with typical ball and scuff marks on the sole and face. No head cover or tool. Asking $135 shipped to US.
  4. A few items for sale... not looking for any trades. Thanks! 1. PING G400 LST 10* head.... used a season or so. Still in great shape with some ball marks on the face. No paint chips, etc. SOLD 2. HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 6.0 Driver Shaft. Ping G/G30/G400 adapter. No tip trimming. Measures 43 1/4” and plays 44 1/4” installed. SOLD 3. HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.0 #5 Fairway Shaft. Ping G/G30/G400 adapter. Measures 41 5/8” and plays 42 3/8” in a G400 5 wood. Standard 5 wood tipping. SOLD
  5. A couple items for sale... 1. Diamana S+ 62 Stiff Flex Driver Shaft: Measures 43.75" and plays just a touch over 44.5". Has not been tip trimmed at all. Adapter is G30/G/G400 adapter. Purchased from Golf Galaxy for $100 and used for maybe 3 rounds. Comes with like new Pure DTX standard grip. SOLD 2. Diamana S+ 72 Stiff Flex Fairway Shaft: Measures 41 5/8" and plays at 42.25". Has been tip trimmed 2/3" (halfway between a 3 wood and 5 wood tipping) as I was playing this in a G400 5 Wood set to 16.9*. Purchased form GolfStealsandDeals on eBay for $70. Used for maybe 3
  6. I haven’t been able to find much info from users about the Tensei AV Blue hybrid shaft. I’m guessing it plays pretty similar to the S+/blueboard of days past but was wondering if there was anything good/bad/otherwise anyone was seeing. I’m playing the Aldila Tour Greens currently and they feel a touch heavy. I got a HZRDUS Smoke 80 hybrid shaft too but it feels a bit too stout and looking at other options.
  7. That center shaft Tyne looking putter needs to come to retail! (and in left handed too). There aren't a ton of center shaft lefty putters to pick from (which is actually probably a good thing for me) but I would be happy to go to an all PING bag.
  8. Just one item up for sale. Not looking for any trades.... Taylormade Spider Tour double bend. This is the “interactive” model but I took off the interactive grip and this doesn’t have the software attachment thing. It’s just the putter. Used for maybe 3 rounds and in great shape. Plays at 34” with Winn midsize with a couple extra wraps. Original headcover included. Asking $149 shipped to US. Probably add $15 for Canada
  9. Would like to keep these together as a set. Up for sale is a set of 56* and 60* Cleveland CBX2 wedges shafted with Nippon Modus 120-S shafts. Lengths are 35.5" and 35.75". Swingweights are D5 and D6. Grips are newish standard size gray Pure DTX with a couple of extra wraps. Played for a quarter of a season and pictures show the story. Little nick on the 60*. Asking $160 shipped to the US. Canada add $20. Not looking for any trades specifically at the moment but am always tempted by nice center shafted face balanced mallets. Thanks!
  10. G30's! That's amazing!.....I've also been resisting the urge to order a Piper C Heppler. I likely will snag a Scottsdale TR Piper C in the meantime before I pull the trigger on the expensive one.
  11. Hi....I bought a few putter heads that the seller said came from on tour. One is a Ghost Corza that does not have either of the 50g sole weights (see picture). I contacted TaylorMade to see if they have any I could buy or send it in for a repair. Assuming TaylorMade can't help, what do you think would be my best option? Who should I contact to see if they could pour in some lead or do some sort of mod to get it up to weight? Could I buy a beat used one and get someone to steal the weights out of those? Thanks!
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