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  1. Hi all…. Just one item up for sale which is a G410 22* Hybrid with an Aldila Tour Green 85 Stiff shaft. Standard tip trimming (0.5”) and length 39.75”. Not really looking for any trades although I’m a sucker for center shaft mallets. Asking $185 shipped in the US. No headcover or tool. Would prefer to keep head and shaft together. Can send to Canada probably for an extra $15-20. Thanks! SOLD
  2. My swing isn’t as powerful…. But I just put a KBS Graphite Proto 95-S in my 23* G410 Crossover and it feels pretty stable with a slightly higher flight than the 110g KBS 105 steel shaft I had in it. Maybe the KBS Proto 105x would be worth a look.
  3. The PING Kushin C and PING Kinloch C putters would be worth a look. Those PING putters I thought were a good balance of softness. They aren’t super soft like most Odyssey putters but do have a little bit of softness. Maybe not firm enough for what you’re looking for. SeeMore also has a number of models as well that would have a firmer feel.
  4. I’d add the PING i210 iron to your short list. They’re played by a number of PING’s men and women touring pros and are forgiving enough that probably a 10–15 handicap could use them without too much trouble. I think they would be worth a look at least. I’ve been playing the I series for a number of years now and enjoy them.
  5. Looking to put this in a PING 7 wood. Looking for a nice pull or potentially a new one. Would just need to know how much it’s been tip trimmed. Thanks!
  6. I’ve seen some Odyssey 2 Ball center shaft models floating around out there and would like to give one a shot. Thanks!
  7. Not irons but I did just picked up a #4 G410 Crossover at 23*. I think I really like it. I have a #4 G410 Hybrid as well. I think I'll just play the hybrid at 20.5-21* and maybe send the Crossover back to PING to set at 24* to make them both work. For some reason I hit the #4 hybrid at 21* so much more consistently than the #3 hybrid at 20* even with the same shaft model (although a little shorter in the #4 obviously)
  8. Not looking for any trades at the moment. 1. PING 2021 Tyne C - ordered direct from PING. 34”, 74 lie angle. Has Winn midsize grip and generic all black magnetic head cover. A couple rounds and times to the practice green but that’s about it. Asking $205. -> SOLD 2. Odyssey Big Seven Armlock. 40.5” with long Winn midsize grip. Comes with original head cover. I’m told by the previous seller it’s 75 degree lie angle. I tried to capture it in the pictures but there’s bit of a scratch on the shaft. I’m pretty sure when I put this in my backup bag for storage there was an extra wedge shaft pull that may have scratched it. I didn’t notice until I was posting this and it certainly doesn’t seem to affect playability. Asking $222. —> SOLD
  9. They’re not the sexiest things, but Argolf has some armlock options where standard loft is 77 degrees. New ones I think are $275-$325 ish. Maybe you can snag a used one for cheaper
  10. When I first started golfing about 8 years ago I was so bad at putting. There were a couple of reasons but when I started I was using #9 full toe hang putters just because I liked the look and not knowing anything about toe hang. Eventually I got my hands on a face balanced OG Ghost Spider mallet and then a center shafted Spider and the results were amazing. Heavier face balanced putters were so much better for my stroke and it was such an improvement due to previous putters being a terrible fit.
  11. It seems like there are some really high profile players using arm lock now. Back in 2014 or whenever they decided the anchoring ban should be implemented in 2016, I feel like Kuchar was the only arm lock player at the time. I’m curious if the USGA and R&A would have banned arm lock too had they known it would go this route. I didn’t really think they should have banned anchoring, but I get why they did. It did always seem strange that they banned all those other forms but not arm lock.
  12. I got one and had them include the grip uninstalled in the box. It seems to be a regular old black shaft. Not exactly sure of the make or model. FWIW it’s kind of a smoky dark gray/black. Towards the top of the shaft, maybe the last 4” or so the black kind of fades out and it’s just regular gray steel color.
  13. Just one item up for sale. Not looking for any trades.... PING G410 19 degree hybrid with Aldila Tour Green 85-S stiff flex. Pictures tell the story. Face and sole have a little scratching. There is the tiniest of marks near the tubulator closest to the toe which is darn near impossible to see at address. Measures 40.25” and plays at D2. Has not been tip trimmed (standard for this shaft for #3 hybrid). No head cover. Asking $190 shipped in US. Probably add $20 for Canada. Thanks!
  14. I went ahead and preordered a Tyne C. Thanks PING for taking care of the lefties! I wish some of the red and white accents were toned down a bit but I don’t care a ton what the bottom looks like. Can’t wait for it to arrive!
  15. That setup is a bit of a head scratcher with having a crossover that’s lower loft than the hybrid. I would think #4 crossover + #3 hybrid would be more reasonable. Or #3 and #4 hybrid. My setup is that I have a G410 5 wood at 17.5. Then G410 hybrids set at 20 and 23. Then i210 5 iron bent to 26 and all other irons a touch weak. It seems to work well and give good gaps. Another option of course would be to turn down the 5 wood to 16.5 and then leave the hybrids and everything else at standard loft.
  16. Looks like Carl’s Golfland has these on their website for preorder beginning 4/12. I think some of my Biden Bucks will be headed towards a Tyne C.
  17. 1. City, State? Hershey, PA 2. Handicap? 6 3. Current driver shaft? PING Tour 65-S 4. Current iron shafts? Nippon Modus 120-S 5. What Regio Formula Plus shaft do you want to test? Formula B+ Type 65 Stiff 6. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Certainly!
  18. I don’t love the bottom of them and the bit of red on the insert. That’s not a big deal. From the top I like the look and the black shaft. A Tyne C is a great addition. Does anyone have any recent rumors of a preorder and release date?
  19. Does anyone know the Anser to my question about if the Tyne C will be offered in LH?
  20. They better be offering that center shafted Tyne in left handed or else I will lose my mind. I’ve considered spending $500 to get one and covert it to center shafted.
  21. Not looking for any trades at the moment but am a sucker for center shafted mallets. Just one item up for sale which is a Ben Hogan by Bettinardi BHB-7 Big Ben center shaft putter. Plays at 34” with a 1” butt extension. New Winn midsize grip. Comes with matching magnetic head cover. I can’t find a lot of info on specs online. It feels like the head weight is probably 355-360g. I have some lead tape on there which I can remove before shipping if you prefer. This is face balanced with no toe hang. It is in mint shape with just a little ding on the face by the “D” in Bettinardi. This isn’t going to beat out my trusty Ghost Spider center shaft and deserves a new home where maybe it will get some more action. Asking $240 ... now $215 shipped to US.
  22. Not looking for any trades at the moment. Just one item up for sale. A PING G400 17.5 degree fairway wood with an Aldila Tour Green 75-S. Standard 42.5” length. Standard 1” tip trimming (which is also the same for 3 wood usage but would play 0.5” shorter). Shaft and grip are basically brand new and used for 2 rounds. Head has been used a season or so. Crown is in nice shape with typical ball and scuff marks on the sole and face. No head cover or tool. Asking $135 shipped to US.
  23. A few items for sale... not looking for any trades. Thanks! 1. PING G400 LST 10* head.... used a season or so. Still in great shape with some ball marks on the face. No paint chips, etc. SOLD 2. HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 6.0 Driver Shaft. Ping G/G30/G400 adapter. No tip trimming. Measures 43 1/4” and plays 44 1/4” installed. SOLD 3. HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.0 #5 Fairway Shaft. Ping G/G30/G400 adapter. Measures 41 5/8” and plays 42 3/8” in a G400 5 wood. Standard 5 wood tipping. SOLD
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