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  1. does anyone know if you go with the 5 or 7 wood the weight of the Motore X F3 is in the 70 grams range or you get the same 60 gram range shaft as the 3 wood? Anyone try the F1 in the fairway wood?
  2. Did Taylormade change the specs on the SIM Ti 3 wood? I have two here and the bottom one the top line is 2mm lower than the one above (you can see the diff naked eye at the topline and the twistface/za text). Also the titanium is darker finish and the heel is bit sharper more square finish vs the other one (harder to capture on camera). They have different serial number fonts. Both were purchased at authorized vendors.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pnaoa74Fbs?t=150 TXG is where i hear it (around 2:30 if the link doesn't start there)
  4. You can use left handed adaptor to do it.
  5. I for one love the model names as it's very similar to the Lancer Evolution series of cars. Would be cool of the paint would be based on one of the car colours of each gen. My only feedback on the website on the chart that shows how thye launch would be if you can put the whole family since a lot of folks play the older ones (including myself i use the Evo IV).
  6. Thanks just ordered. Where are these guys based?? I got $199 shipping to US but $23 to Canada lol
  7. Has Nike release a successor to the zonal cooling line? Those are are fav but seems they don't make anything like that anymore? Looking for really breathable polos.
  8. I agree I'd like to see a 0211 sized competitor
  9. I know it's 2019 thread but one of the world long drive competitors wearing racer G. https://www.worldlongdrive.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2018/09/NUP_184137_05723.jpg
  10. What did Paul Casey where today? Usually he's got something from the new line around now. > @Lesmond said: > > @"Kid Bro Sweets" said: > > What did Paul Casey where today? Usually he's got something from the new line around now. > > I don’t wanna be a dick but it’s “wear”. Looks like just a vapor react 2 PE > > > > > > It's all good, just another victim of autocorrect.
  11. What did Paul Casey where today? Usually he's got something from the new line around now.
  12. > @playar32 said: > Brooks is a big gamer hunter, a mans man, masculine, aggressive. > People don't want that in this day and age. Also they feel threaten by that.
  13. > @WHC888 said: > Got pretty much all the colors that's available right now. TW Vapor Striped & TW AeroReact Vapor Blade how's the fit of the TW aeroreacts? Unfortunately i have to ebay it as i don't see these for sale in Canada. I''m 6'0 180 and worn M in the older aeroreacts, but I don't know if the TW stuff is extra baggy.
  14. > @I_HATE_SNOW said: > > @firstbatch said: > > Is there any reason that blowing grips on would disturb the prosoft insert install? > > Yes, air can sneak past them, once you release the pressure at the grip, they pop up the shaft, can go completely against the grip. They can also be pushed down the shaft and jam. Use a wire probe and see if they moved while gripping. I had a small hook to pull them back into place, when I used them. I found them to be a waste of time, money and effort. Get a good set of graphite shafts and be done with it. Thats if the user
  15. > @Pepperturbo said: > Typically trendy sneaker/athletic shoe designs fail at providing the stability I require and craftsmanship. However, I discovered and bought a pair of ECCO Men's Cool 18 Gore-Tex Golf shoes and love them. They are not inexpensive but worth the price. They are so comfortable I could wear them without socks. If athletic style shoes can work for > @Roadking2003 said: > > @"Brick Tamland" said: > > There are plenty of current options with classic looks and great tech. I'm honestly not sure why you'd complain about lighter materials in a shoe
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