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  1. Thanks everyone. We actually will be at a different course so no worries. Thanks again!!
  2. Big favor to ask some Ohio golfers. Anyone who is a member of Hamilton elks want to help out my girls golf program? We might have sectionals there and have never played. You can message me thanks. nate
  3. Callaway X Hot pro 5 wood 19* degrees. Still in the bag might not ever leave.
  4. I am a high school girls golf coach and I am looking to help my girls with clubs. Irons, putters, drivers are in need. If anyone has some older things they would like to donate we would greatly appreciate the donations. Many of my girls are growing out of their junior clubs or breaking their box set clubs through play (not on purpose). It’s difficult for many of my girls to buy new clubs at this time. Thank you for your time.
  5. I was hoping courses wouldn’t close but the honey do list is going to be done which means even more golf when this thing ends!!
  6. All Hamilton county courses are closed. That’s the only one that has officially closed that I know of. I keep hoping nothing else closes by the time the rain stops.
  7. Bought a set of Taylormade Burner Irons at noon. Went to the range and returned them by 2 pm. I hated them!!! The store employee laughed so hard he started crying.
  8. I really enjoy the LAGP shaft. After using it i would buy one. The feel is unique compared to steel. I’ve used all the new putter shafts and LAGP is by far my favorite and most successful. Do you need to buy one to make more putts of course not but if you can afford it I’d go for it!!
  9. Check out the video I linked a few posts above and see what’s comfortable. If you are going to replace the grip, JumboMax is great by the way, id cut to length with the grip change. I’m sure club champion or any golf store would bend it for you if needed cheaper than 100 dollars.
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