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  1. Try phoning them. Their tech guy is great
  2. I'm no teacher but have experimented with flaring my back foot a little more, away from the target. Seems to allow my "cranky" hips to turn a little more. Same with the lead foot. Flaring toward the target. I played with my feet pointed straight at first and it seemed to limit turn both ways.
  3. Man, you look like you got that swing going. As a guy getting older, stiffer and shorter by the minute: -I picked up a yoga book "The little red yoga book" That is keeping me limber. -I read in one of the golf forums about keeping my strength up with push ups. Been trying to do 75-100 a day plus a couple minutes of planks for the past two years -Been trying to walk at least 30 minutes a day. -on days I don't golf and in winter, try to swing a club, indoors or out, no ball 30 to 50 times An older neighbour of mine, 92 years old, goes for a 10 minute
  4. My instructor had me put a quarter about 18 inches behind the ball. The drill: as I start the back swing, was to drag the club head back at least over the quarter. It forced me to keep my lead arm straight as I started the back swing. keeping that lead arm straight , both back and down, really helped me get the club face back to the ball consistently. It's a place to start. As the others mentioned, you have great hand eye coordination. With less things to compensate for, you'll find the sweet spot and get that extra distance you want.
  5. Hey man, looks to me you are starting off from a pretty good place...enjoy the lessons... My only advice is to find someone you bond with (you will know) and practice what the instructor tells you, otherwise nothing changes..and remember... Play golf...not golf swing
  6. You do have an unorthodox back swing (compared to traditional teaching) but the downswing looks pretty good. If hitting off the toe is your issue, try standing a little closer to the ball at set up and change nothing else, to start.
  7. What are you trying to correct with the ball flight?
  8. On the good days, how do you score?
  9. how is the ball flight? Consistent ?
  10. I have "a" grip I am comfortable with, but was slicing driver and had a brutal left bias (I'm a lefty). I was striking the ball with an open face I started experimenting with changing my club face "more open" or "more closed" rather than change my grip to see how ball flight changed. Also started slo motion swinging indoors in the winter, no ball. From that I discovered that, with my grip, and swing, I come back to the ball more open than when I start. Over the past couple of years I have set up with a more closed club face. Works for me. Ball flight has a s
  11. I started late in life at 58. Over weight and not flexible. Took lessons, fitted for clubs, play 40 - 60 rounds a year. Started horribly, shot a 160 my first time out. Practice meant beating balls. Started to break 100 on a par 72 course. The past two years I have started to see scores closer to 90, breaking 90 once this year. Couple of things really helped me: -practice shooting a ball at specific targets. I had to figure out how. Hitting a ball on the range without a target tells me nothing. -Always using the
  12. The guy or gal who hits off the tips...waits for green to clear on every non par three,...never hits their own fairway and often duffs it to the forward tees.
  13. Something my instructor told me to do: Assume my stance, indoors, no club, facing a wall with your arms crossed across your chest. Put my forehead against the wall. (you can also do it the other way around with your butt against the wall.) Practice taking slo motion swings making sure your forehead (or your butt) rolls against the wall, no sliding, no up and down. He then had me take a club , no ball, and take slo motion swings. While maintaining a straight lead arm. Trying to get my lead shoulder under my chin while keeping that arm straight. Both forced m
  14. From the forums I read about doing pushups and planks. 100 pushups and two minutes of planks daily. During the winter I added 100 swings per session, no ball, indoors. Started doing that January 2019. I've missed a few days here and there but been pretty good at it. I'm 67. All of my full swings clubs are feeling better this year. Especially in the sand or rough. Just feel I can control the club throughout the swing. Feel stronger and the back is not hurting as much
  15. Golf is a hard game. For some reason, for many of us, our expectations are very high. We want to shoot better than we shoot. I too have the OCD. Bag pockets are for certain items, clubs in specific order, times I play , places I play, routines always the same. If we are playing slow pitch with friends, we don't expect to homer every pitch, make every out or win every game...I believe it is because we see guys winning batting titles with a .340. But with golf, Par and the pros, give us an unreasonable expectation. Par or better, is the goal, every time out. I
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