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  1. This applies to many industries. I wonder what the economic impact to the US or Canada to have manufacturing brought back to their countries. Large corporations get to use local tax laws and pay foreign manufacturing costs (all in). Considering the additional tax dollars generated by having local workers, working and consuming, diminishing tax incentives could still be given to corporations to bring it all back home and be tax positive plus thousands could be working in our home countries.
  2. I keep an informal handicap using a phone app. For my own interest, I choose lowering my handicap as my way to showing improvement. This past season I moved it down from a 23 to an 18. I'm in the "don't follow a bad shot with a stupid shot" camp. Decided to try laying up on shots where historically I only make 2 out of 10. Finally managed to break 90 because of it. My wife calls it boring. She likes the excitement of making 2 of 10. I prefer reducing doubles and triples and staying in the short grass.
  3. Exactly No wonder 1 through 3 or 4 irons are not included in most sets these days. You now get the same lofts as a 5 iron and up. That number on the iron is meaningless other than compared to the "your" other irons and how far your full swing carry distance is. Another decade and the Pitching wedges will be 40-41-42 degrees, we'll need 4 or 5 wedges to make up the strengthening lofts. But it will avoid the problem of grabbing a 6 instead of a 9.
  4. I play the same muni. When I play as a single I often get paired with unique characters. One guy, told me he is 74, plays the blacks and rides a cart. Tells me he plays the blacks as the mens group he is in play the blacks. He is an awesome golfer and nice guy. By about 12 or 13 his back starts to stiffen up and he stretches, then shows his playing partners, men or women, the scars on his back where he has metal plates/screws inserted from disc surgeries. Another guy, always alone, rides a cart. He brings a bar with him. Makes his own martinis, shaker and all. Smokes th
  5. Going to 5 with a snowfall warning, then further down to -15 on Friday night, for a week. Damn.
  6. -any reference to slow play -any reference to "Hitting my 7 iron 180 yards, and need more distance" -Any reference to "the ball is being hit to far"
  7. +1. Unless I make sure grip is correct for me, and I'm set up correctly for me , I can slice pretty well any driver
  8. Live in Calgary currently. Have lived in St, John's Newfoundland, Montreal PQ, Calgary and all over British Columbia. Have spent some time in the cities you posted above. Calgary-Golf-you can trust May to early October. When its cold here its freaking cold-25 to -35- Chinook winds give some relief.Has indoor domes but the balls can be frozen in winter. Lots of activities but its energy driven and extremely depressed right now. Montreal is a lovely city. You can get by with no French but it certainly helps. Has a European flavour and the neighbourhoods are from all over
  9. I'm a lefty and also in Canada. Haven't been to golf town in months so do not know their protocol...but... spent the last two winters, spending an hour on Sunday afternoons, trying every left handed putter on the shelves. really helped my putting as well ,lol Tried a hundred different models. Bought none. It confirmed my preferences. 34 inch, mallet, offset, heavy. Its an old TM Spyder, must be 7 years old, beat to crap. The only one that was close was a Betti. Beautiful. But didn't want to spend $550 on it. I'm cheap.
  10. Just looking at PGA vs LPGA 2020 total purses. LPGA $75,000 PGA $400,000 I'm a male. I like the LPGA product (as I like the European product). Surprisingly, in our house, my wife, a golfer, has no interest in the LPGA. I asked her why. Her response: She finds the men are just better golfers; and Little name recognition; doesn't like the fashion show
  11. My hips have to start both the backswing and the downswing. On the downswing, especially. It gives my hands and arms a place to drop and swing through, no obstruction, no outside in. No more slice. Gotta constantly remind myself about the hips...otherwise my hands take over.
  12. Damn, had to double check. 2121 tour avg 50-75 yards 25.9 feet. Am I reading that incorrectly?
  13. Due to covid, my son moved to another province and took a 2012 Honda Civic with him. Its pushing 310,000 KM's. He is living in a rural area so decided to buy a 4*4 of some kind. Settled on a jeep. They gave him lifetime winter tire replacement (thats October 1-April 1 where he lives), and $1,500 for the trade. Beauty of that trade? He didn't have to do an inter provincial mechanical. The dealer will do it. Thats usually another $1,000.
  14. You are correct. I was just looking at the top ten or so. 15-20 feet 19.24 10-15 feet 31.62% 5-10 feet 57.31% All the more reason to not spend so much time on plus 8 feet. I'm spending more time on that approach shot (I believe tour average 50-75 yards is around 25.9 feet) and the first putt. Lag it close.
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