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  1. Putter- for the newest in my bag.
  2. Amp Cell is it. 1st and only year of that MyFly adapter. The one prior to that was the AFT adapter.
  3. Worn sparingly with box, papers, SI Special Forces microfiber bag. $old
  4. Does an adapter come with the Ping shaft, or not? If so, which one? Thanks
  5. Great used condition with Oakley microfiber bag. Nothing that affects vision. $85 shipped
  6. Had these for a little bit and forgot about them. New, never worn outdoors. Although there is a faint scratch on the left lens that I can't see in my vision, but I haven't taken the sticker off to see. I've done my best to capture it in the pictures. Plenty of Oakley and aftermarket lenses out there. Frame is steel grey and silver icon. Comes with microfiber bag. SOLD
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