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  1. Here's a Classic set of Bridgestone J33 Forged Combo, MB/CB irons. In very good shape, less a ding on the leading edge, heel side of the 9i and a small one on the PW, both shown in the pics. Have Golf Pride MCC grips in good shape and DGS300 shafts. Any questions, feel free to ask. $OLD
  2. I have a set in the garage that I built with 2 6 irons. 1 bent as close to 7 iron loft as I could get. At the time, couldn't find a 7 iron head.
  3. 0-1, depending on what driver I play.
  4. Is it stated anywhere, "carry only or expect serious wear and damage"? If not, call them, don't email them. I've been using one of the original OGIO Grom, 14 way top, bags since 2009. It shows NO WEAR and I NEVER WALK, except from the truck to the cart and most times, I don't even do that. CALL THE MAN AND DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.
  5. "What's in the bag PHOTO ADDITION"
  6. I see more slow play from range finders. I never even notice iron covers.
  7. Vardon grip and iron/head covers.
  8. No way would I ship it back on my dime and define "standard".
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