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  1. Tell me about them. I have a new set, still in wrappers, that's been sitting here for almost 2 years.
  2. Playing length of the E-Zone? Tipped? How beat up is the crown? Kinda crappy pic. I'd also like to see the backs of the irons, please.
  3. Furnished apartment? That makes me wonder how old that couch really is and makes me queezy. Those headcovers are sweet! From where?
  4. These are the last of the "X-Metal" Oakleys, released in 2015 and only ran for 2 years. Retailed for $400 then. These are in excellent condition, less a small scratch at the top of the left lens, which you have to have the light hit just right to see it. It does not affect vision. I've shown it in two of the pictures attached. They come with everything you see in the picture including the box, hard case & microfiber bag. $old
  5. If you're not happy, take it back.
  6. Too bad about your love for the driver. I've a couple different, beautiful Honma drivers I'd trade for an M6.
  7. I'll never play short handed. Nice gear.
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