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  1. I'm also looking at it. Any updates from those who have it?
  2. Noticed what looks to be cavity shots of the new Titleist irons in Bill Hass' and Ben Taylor's bags: Bill Haas: Ben Taylor:
  3. Thank you both for the info! jii62 - I know there are a lot of posts about '16 vs '17 M2. Why did you go with the '17?
  4. I currently hit a '16 M1 9.5 and I'm thinking of changing to the M2 (probably the '16 model). My M1 9.5 tends to be a little low but if I adjust it some I can get the launch/flight up where I like it. If I go for the M2 should I go with the 9.5 or the 10.5? I'm curious for those who have hit both are the lofts similar or does the M2 launch higher than the M1?
  5. I currently have the 9.5 '16 M1 and I'm looking to switch to the M2. The 9.5 is a bit low for me in the M1 so should I stick with the 9.5 in the M2 or go up to the 10.5? For those who have hot both M1/M2 - do the lofts play the same in both?
  6. 716MBs sold! Thanks houstonlefty! I forgot to mention both SLDRs have the toe screw.
  7. Here are a few items up for sale. Main trade interests are M1 driver, 714 AP2s, and PING S55s but I will listen to trade offers. Prices are palpal'd and shipped CONUS. Canada add $15 per driver/fairway and $25 for the irons. Titleist 716MBs 3-PW - Standard L/L/L. New Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. Great condition. $OLD PING G30 9* with ADDI 7X (no tipping) and LH PING Adapter (built by PING) - 45.75" playing length. New Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip. TRADED TOUR ISSUE (TOE SCREW) SLDR 460 10.5* - Head only with SLDR head cover. Have shafts available if interested. Bought off
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