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  1. whats the deal with the dot markings on the sole? pretty cool set of irons, mysterious as they are hard to hit, the ez-1’s should be called the EZ-R’s because they are easier to hit than the AR-1, too bad the AR-1 is still harder to hit than almost any other set of irons out there. Cool set though, GLWS!
  2. Almost a guarantee that they will be better than the ones made for the US market. By “better” I mean the tolerances will be tighter as far as weight and specs are concerned and they will feel softer and more solid, they will feel like a Japan forged iron. The only thing you need to check is be careful of the length as they might play shorter than standard but every iron I have tried that is the JDM version of an identical make and model iron has been almost like a completely different club. Used to have a set of JDM Titleist 690cb that I loved and then I tried the domestic model version and no way I would have played the ones made for North America. Same thing with many Taylor made, Bridestone, Srixon irons I have found there is no comparison the Japanese version is just way better.
  3. hit some japan forged irons made for the Japan market and you probably will never want to hit anything else ever again, they feel better, they look better, they are made to tighter tolerances, they are just better and worth the price increase
  4. There are probably too many to list but my favourites are: Fourteen TC-777 Tourstage x-blade cb 2008 Onoff Kuro 2011/2015 Titleist 690cb Taylormade TP PRGR ID Nabla Bridgestone J33cb Callaway 07 x forged Callaway Legacy Black yep theres too many
  5. To put it simply, Endo is the company that makes many of the softest, most pure feeling yet forgiving forged irons in golf going way back I dont know how long but for at least a couple decades now and there are probably lots of people out there who have no idea that their favourite irons from back in the day were forged by endo like for example the 2007 Callaway x forged that were so good. Basically, I know without hitting an iron first that if they are Endo forged then they are going to be great clubs and Epon is the in house brand of Endo so the Endo employees are the people who own Epon. All of their irons are crazy soft and easy to hit and the higher the number after the af the more game improvement style of iron they are so the AF-302 is much more of a players iron than the AF-901. Epon Personal models are some of the nicest looking mb irons I have ever seen. The thing to be careful with about Epon is 1. they cost a small fortune 2. they might actually feel too soft for many golfers 3. check the offset of the model of Epon iron your thinking of buying before actually spending the money because sometimes even their models that are supposed to be “players” irons for some reason have a ton of offset which I know is a deal breaker for some golfers, nothing worse than spending thousands on what looks like a scratch golfers dream set of mb or players cb irons only to get them in your hands, look down and the face is a mile behind where your hands are. Bottom line is Epon irons are really just Endo showing off their skills at making pretty looking and creatively designed golf clubs but you get pretty much the same thing, for less money, and maybe better looking clubs to your eye by buying any Endo forged set from one of a dozen different brands.
  6. ENJOY, these photos were taken off of Tourspecgolf.com but if you want a more affordable set of used lefty JDM's go on ebay and search for Tourstage x-blade cb 2008 I have definitely seen a lefty set or two of those and they are fabulous clubs
  7. somebody mentioned old model ping 5 woods well the i15 5 wood I had was the best club ever but for you sir you need something special that can be found cheap and that is a Yamaha I.F.F. fairway wood, these things are legendary and so easy to hit. You could also try the PRGR EGG series fairways, might be tough to find at that price point.
  8. With regards to this topic and I know this might seem out of left field a bit especially since i have not hit a single shot with either of these irons, indoor or outdoor, I have hit the 919 tours off a mat on the simulator and love them but i too worry about the reality of playing a full set of these on the course as they cant be that forgiving. Which brings me to my point, I am a JDM or Japan forged golf club and especially iron enthusiast or you could say worshipper and for me there are sooo many choices for irons when you combine all the Japanese irons and the sets sold here. Okay actually now I have arrived at my point and I will suggest a solution to the guy struggling to decide. I am assuming that the guys who commented above have not tried any Japan made irons because the thing is what I love the most about Japanese forged irons is the fact that with their clubs I can get a thin topline, fairly thin soled, forged cb, even a forged cb thats not multi material like titleist cb, basically in Japan a forged, butter soft and truly players looking iron can be as forgiving as an absolute chunky clunker of an iron here. So to this guy I would suggest either throwing both options away and trying to some Japan models or a good experiment would be trying the JDM or Japan market version of the Titleist cb and JPX tours youve been testing and the reason why is I used to have a set of TItleist 690cb that were the JDM version and they were soft and forgiving then I tried a friends 690cb's which were domestic North American ones and I was like what are these rocks.
  9. no way miura cb's or any Miura iron ever made is as easy to hit, as forgiving, as easy to get in the air(moi) as almost any endo forged cb and from the few i have tried Kyoei forged cb, Miura are certainly instruments of extreme precision made for precise and extremely skilled golfers but as far as being the softest, most forgiving, longest, or most enjoyable for a broad spectrum of golfers/golfer skilll levels they are definitely not the leader in any of those categories, give me an endo forged cb all day everyday, when i play like a 2 hdcp and when i play like a 12 I still prefer endo and kyoei too for that matter over the famous Miura,
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