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  1. Thanks. Considering Ping I-series (200 or 210). Played some of my best golf with the old Ping Eyes so maybe I should give Ping a try again
  2. Been playing these for a long time and cannot seem to find a similar feeling and performing Iron to switch to. Currently at hcp 2, and have had sorter spells with 710 ap2, apex and apex pro but still we t back to the x14 pros. Anyone that went from x14 pros to something similar and did not regret it?
  3. Almost now wind right now. How was the conditions for the morning groups?
  4. Yeah the aim-point is also great! This compilation is really good, without protracer it would be a nice swing study but with it you can really se how the players attack the 17th at St. Andrews differently (I like Faldos easy fade...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI63Ak96TLA
  5. Seems like a long time ago that they used the protracer technology on the TV-broadcasts? I mean the likes of this: [media=] [/media] Is it just too expensive or to much hassle? It really makes the viewing much more interesting in my opinion (and I'm pretty sure most agrees to this) /Fredrik
  6. I think the Ping G15 is one of the best 3w I have tried. The Callaway FT is also nice but a bit harder to hit
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