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  1. There is also the option to use the specific MMT wedge shaft. They are a little heavier I think.
  2. Are these myjoys or is this a standard color way? Very nice!
  3. The stiff have just been released.
  4. The more I see the shoes Spieth wears the more I like them.
  5. Great to hear! Years ago I heard a guy raving about his new iron shafts, a graphite shaft with steel incorporated. I thought that that he was talking about Steelfibers, but noticed then that it was a Fujikura shaft (could it be that they were available in 110 - 120 gr?). He was kind enough to let me hit some balls with his irons and they were fantastic. But very expensive. He had to order them in Switzerland (I was living in Italy at the time), and paid something like 120€ per shaft. When I switched to graphite a few years ago I wanted to test them again but my fitter did not
  6. This is probably not the right forum, but can we expect an updated MCI iron shaft, now that MCA makes so much noise with their MMT shafts, even on the PGA Tour?
  7. Could you please let me know what you did not like about the LZ shafts and where you see improvements with the MMTs? I currently play the LZ 6.0, and had no particular problems with them until now, except that I am not as consistent anymore compared to the C-Tapers 120s I played before, or the MCA OT-I shafts. And why did you choose the stiff over the TX? I ask because I have difficulties to decide if I should go with the stiff, which might be too light, or the TX which weigh more or less the same than the PX LZ 6.0, much might be too stiff.... Thanks.
  8. Just WOW! I want the same irons, wedges, bag, headcovers....
  9. Thanks for the information, great to know that it works in a 6 iron head. I have two 6 iron heads lying around and wanted to get one of these shafts installed, but thought it would only work in a 7.
  10. https://www.golfwrx.com/638266/xander-schauffele-witb-2020-october/ I think Schauffele is playing those, or some sort of them.
  11. I believe in the US you can get the Srixons with the MMT shafts, but only the 105 Stiff I think. Not available in Europe though, therefore I will try the Callaways once the shops are open again.
  12. Has anybody switched from PX LZ 6.0? I need to go back to graphite but cannot decide if I should go with the 105 S or the 105 TX. The TX might be too stiff for me but the 105 S too light. I played MCA OT-I 105 shafts in stiff and liked them, just a tad too weak, and overall felt too light.
  13. I am also surprised that he plays a Bridgestone ball. Do we know if he will sign a contract with them? Love everything about his bag.
  14. Thanks a lot for the information. I will try to order a 6-iron shaft and will get it installed in a Mizuno MP demo head I have. and thanks for you offer to hit your irons, but I am in Amsterdam....
  15. Sorry for my ignorance, but I thought that as the torque and the kick pt are the same I imagined that there might not be a big difference in stiffness between the two. For me, at least in my mind, a heavier shaft would always feel stiffer than a lighter one. It is certainly stupid... I asked because I try to figure out if I could handle the 105tx, coming from a Project X LZ 6.0. They are basically the same weight, but the TX might be too stiff and the 105s might be to weak. I played for 2 years the MCA OT-I 105s and liked them. But as I gained some speed they were too weak. And they felt
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