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  1. Just saw on the Stewart website that they offer now a X10, I assume it is an upgrade from the X9 using the same technology than the Q. If this is the case I would rather buy the X10 as I like the design better, even if the Q is smaller once folded. Anybody knows more about the differences between the 9 vs 10 and vs the Q?
  2. I was watching the Sentry tournament and was wondering if Schauffele was wearing new shoes. Are these the new 360? Difficult to tell as they are all white, but the sole looks different compared to the ZG21.
  3. Sorry, I meant 7- vs 8-iron, it was quite early when I typed my question… Thanks a lot!
  4. For those of you who had the chance to try the 223 7- and 8-irons, did you notice a distinctive difference in feel and maybe ball flight due to the different materials and construction? Thanks.
  5. Got a Titleist cap and players glove and some golf themed socks.
  6. I agree, the MMTs are on my “to test” list. I have a fitting planned in January for new irons and will also test a few graphite shafts. Already played the OT-I shafts in my MP-4a and loved them.
  7. Nic1972

    Ping i59

    I prefer thinner soles, and if those are similar in terms of forgiveness…. Coming from MP18 MBs / CBs I assume that both should be more forgiving. Cannot wait to test them!
  8. If I well understand they state that they will come out within 12 - 18 months, still a long time to go…
  9. Nic1972

    Ping i59

    I am between the two, will test both beginning of next year. How would you rate them forgiveness wise?
  10. Thanks for sharing. It seems that there are different Boa versions, based on this photo… That is interesting.
  11. I somehow have the feeling that we gave enough input at this point, now Fujikura should share at least some information about the shafts, e.g. weights, flexes, profiles, availability, price,…
  12. Just another one: https://www.golfwrx.com/579032/tiger-woods-winning-witb-2019-zozo-championship/
  13. An equivalent to C-Taper 120S would be nice!!
  14. I was searching for a X 5.5 online on every site I know in Europe, but could not find one. A few weeks ago I walked into a local store here in the Netherlands and they had one available, 35 inch, Pistolero grip, everything I wanted. Obviously I bought it immediately…
  15. Great wedges and great review. Can I ask why you prefer the « regular » MMT shafts vs the Wedge shafts? I would love to go through a wedge fitting, as I feel / know (thanks to Arrcos) that I loose quite a few shots in this area, obviously mostly due to my lack of talent… I live in the Netherlands but have family in Germany and France. Would you know if in one of those countries an Edel reseller offers a similar fitting experience ? Thanks!
  16. Scotty Phantom X 5.5. I make more longer longer putts than with the Spider. I think however that the main reason is that I prefer the grip on the Scotty… Could have saved 450 € in changing the grip on the TM….
  17. Is Matsuyama not playing the ZX7 now, I think he won the Zozo Championship with it? Not sure if retail or proto though. https://www.golfwrx.com/663270/hideki-matsuyamas-winning-witb-2021-zozo-championship-whats-in-the-bag/
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