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  1. Here is a story about a guy who appears to have been drinking, takes his cart down a steep hill and crashes. Looks like he came to a bridge a hit the posts at a high speed. I've played this course a few times and I know exactly where this happened. It's a steep and winding down hill path, not surprised this happened at this spot. Makes me think of courses where you come to a sharp turn on the cart path and no railing, you think well I can imagine a few people have put their carts down there after a few pops. https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/transportation/article235906247.html
  2. Does anyone find it odd both tours are in the same relative location on the same week? Safeway Open is in Napa and the Champions Tour is at Pebble beach, they're about a two to three hour drive apart. I can't imagine the tournament directors at the Champions Tour are happy to have to directly compete with the regular tour when it comes to drawing fans.
  3. Not everyone call pull off the short shorts with the tall socks. Good on you, Brian.
  4. This is my usual day playing golf: Always play a twilight round. Will often play an out of the way course, up to an hour drive. First thing I do is put on my sun block and take a couple aspirin. Always stretch before even picking up a club, ALWAYS. I rarely hit warm up balls, unless they are included in the green fees. I putt and chip, then I'm ready for the first tee. I smoke two cigars during my round, the first one MUST be lit and ready to go BEFORE I tee off on the first hole. Banana and energy bar at the turn. Once I'm done on 18, I'll usually keep playing until dark if there is a spot open somewhere and I'm not holding anyone up. At dark I hit the road and find a good restaurant for dinner, usually wood fired pizza or BBQ, maybe a good burger. I'll grab something sweet for the drive home. Stop off at my gym for a nice long hot shower and head home. Anyone else with a specific routine?
  5. Always have played twilight for the better deals. I rarely play in the morning. I feel like golf is the highlight of the day. If you play in the morning and are done by noon, what else do you do for the rest of the day? I love playing til dark, then going to dinner, a nice shower, then bed.
  6. Anyone have any good tips for getting over muscle soreness after golf? It usually hits me when I wake up the next morning. I go to the gym fairly often to stretch, lift and to reverse the effects of a desk job. The only thing I've found that really works is soaking in a hot tub after a round of golf, problem is I don't own one.
  7. Any players you liked but don't seem to be in contention much anymore or have moved on to the senior market? I miss watching the likes of Boo Weekly, Rocco Mediate and Jesper Parnevik.
  8. Champions Tour events have become my new favorite. Seeing some great places who were big maybe 10 or 15 years ago is fun. Atmosphere is more laid back, not huge crowds. I used to love going to the Pro Am and Pebble, but no longer. Crowds on a Saturday are way too large to navigate now. Maybe on a Thursday it's manageable. Same thing with the US Opens. I've been to a few, but would rather watch on TV now.
  9. It could be a power vs skill thing. Some people, myself included, think of something as a world class player if they can give them a persimmon wood and a balata ball and see if they would be just as dominant as they are now. Brooks is all power, with little skill. > @"Big Ben" said: > I don’t understand how Brooks being an athele has anything to do with being misunderstood. He’s not the first golfer to be athletic.
  10. Apologies if this has been covered in another thread or multiple threads. I feel like the people in the media who don't hold him up in the same light as Tiger or Phil, we know who they are, they perceive him as nothing more than a bomb and gouge player. They respect the older school players who can navigate their way around a course with all the shots in their bag, like a Jordan Spieth.
  11. Just be a contrarian, I think she is a minus. We've seen what happens to his game when there is trouble at home. She is attractive, we can all agree and this is a discussion for another time and thread, but I almost feel sorry for her. > @aenemated said: > Paulina puts some serious points into the DJ column, IMHO.
  12. Patrick Reed all the way. You may not like him, but he has the passion for the game and it doesn't appear DJ does. That will keep him out there longer. DJ I feel like will take his money and go.
  13. Interesting list. I think Phil and Ernie are out. Furyk maybe. The dark horse there could be Mike Weir. He hasn't made much money in the last 15 years or so, too short and the distance boom left him behind. So that could be a major motivating factor.
  14. I should have added the caveat about the upper tier players of the last 20 years or so, like Ernie Els. I think they have so much money now and are probably sick of the travel, I doubt they would be out in the Champions Tour, save the occasional event. Guys like Irwin and Langer were pre-Tiger, so basically pre-big money in pro golf.
  15. It started with Hale Irwin, then the torch was passed to Bernhard Langer. Langer is still winning, so not done by any stretch, but who is the next dominant player to hit the over 50 circuit? It may not happen right away, but some day in the near future. I would imagine it has to be a closer, nearing or already in his 40's.
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