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  1. It was City. He wanted some shoes that he knew your feet had been in.
  2. What does she say there at the end? Something, something, Gunpowder... Stay happy and healthy...
  3. @gsrjc As far as instructors go, Junior takes lessons from Nick K, up at Cattail Creek. Nick was Fabb's high school buddy, I believe. Jr started with him when he was at Lakewood CC. Cattail is more of a hike, but it's not too bad for us, 45 minutes to get there. I've taken a few lessons from him and I believe Fonger and Garrett do to.
  4. I felt bad about posting that vid, but others said I should.
  5. Did anyone drop Hive towel on 15 at Blue Mash? Had to be someone who walked, because I picked it up on the mowed walking path from the tee box. We had a great time at the CC. I stuck to my game plan of just putting my tee shot in play and trying not to do anything stupid. I only tried to hit a fairway wood once. Shoulda hit a hybrid. On #11 CJ and I hit hybrids off the tee, even though it was not enough to get to the back pin. Not wet, don't care. We both landed just onto the green. Is that a layup? And I did manage a par going all the way across the green.
  6. I feel like that's what Junior is going to be saying about me in a few years (or maybe next week).
  7. Hey, it's Tex buddies with Biden? How can we leverage that? Think Joe can twist some arms so we get a Hive event at Congo?
  8. Looking at the map it seems pretty walkable, except maybe the transition between 9's.
  9. Hey, does anybody know Shenandoah Valley GC in Front Royal (pinging @Kent01putt ). Junior has a tournament there on Friday-Saturday. I played it once years ago but don't really remember it.
  10. https://media.giphy.com/media/KPGLbBdxRbehi/giphy.gif
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