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  1. Mauna Kea on vacation in Hawaii. I think it was 275. Probably overpriced, but we were on vacation so what the heck.
  2. Jr is playing in a tournament this weekend at Blacksburg Country Club in Virginia. Has anyone played the course? Also an advice in places to stay, eat, sites to see, etc?
  3. Mad respect to my man @Puppetmaster. The only person I know who is level freaking 50 in Pokemon Go. That is unimaginable. I don't know that I'll ever get there. So that must be where all your GolfWRX energy is going.
  4. Pretty good golf weekend. Saturday played in the Hive psuedo event. Our team was eagles, domes and fonger. We probably came in DFL, but many shiggles were had. I almost made it around on 1 ball. Til we all went in the drink on 17. Dammit! Sunday played with the Argyle bros. I went bogie, triple, triple and stopped keeping score. Actually had some pretty good holes after that. After a soggy and cloudy start, it turned into a gorgeous day. The post round hang was way cool, drinking an IPA and splitting some tendies with Junior. The pro shop was havi
  5. A cavity back 1 iron? I thought there'd only be 40 year old butter knife blades.
  6. We pay 80/hr for my son at a private club in Rockville. I think we are getting a discount since my son has been with him for a long time. We've had lessons at the MoCo public courses and they run about 40 bucks for a half hour lesson. A bigger name, head pro at a private club will probably run 150. On the other end, a new asst pro at our club (just started a few weeks ago) is offering lessons at 40 buck an hour. So there is a wide range.
  7. The starter told me when the switched the 9s at NW that the pace of play is better this way. The current front 9 is easier, so people move along better.
  8. We joined this week. They did give us a break on the initiation. It sounds like they're getting close to capacity, so not sure how the deals will be going forward.
  9. Yep. Heard about the epic prizes at Bingo Night and I couldn't say no.
  10. Took the family out for the first time to play the front 9 at Argyle. My wife was very impressed with the course. She mainly golfs for the exercise and the pretty scenery, and she likes the views, so that's a win. Jr hit some bombs out there. Some of the downhill tee shots must have gone over 300. I hit one or two good ones too. And my daughter hit some nice shots too. So it was a win all around. Oh, and I got shouted at from across the course by HBD. I got some free guest passes too, so there's a standing invitation for any of y'all to come play.
  11. Shout out to @MaxSwingSpeed! We got the replacement weights for our swing speed trainer on Saturday. My son had overtightened a couple of them, and we couldn't get them apparent. So he was kind enough to send us a replacement. It took a bit, but that's due to the f-ed up postal service, I'm sure. I still think I can get the stuck weights apparent. Just have to find a friend with the proper tools.
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