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  1. Thanks for all the great feedback/advice everyone!
  2. I'm not overly steep. Somewhere in between. My '65's have the VT sole, and I like it. But the i210's consistently get rave reviews, and their presence on every tour is further validation. The initial word on the Zx7's is also mad positive, so I just want to get the low down on the head to head comparison.
  3. Are the ZX7's Endo forged? I've played both forged and cast, and depending on the manufacturer, there is very little difference in feel in irons, and none in wedges IMO (My all time fav wedges: Cobra PUR, Vokeys, RTX 2.0...all cast.) Have you hit both irons in my OP?
  4. Narrowed my search down to these two. If you've played or hit both, I'd like to hear from you regarding the respective forgiveness and feel of these two sets. How do they differ and which is superior in those categories and why? I've played Pings before and currently bag a 965/565 combo set, which I really like. But you know how it goes with new equipment...this is golfwrx after all! I have no way to demo these (def not the Srixons and the Pings will not have the right shafts I want) at my location, so I'll just preempt the tired troll post of someone telling me to "get fitted".
  5. So there is no difference in feel then? I wonder why they don't forge the HT models? That said, no manufacturers forge their HT models that I know of, (Eg. Callaway) so there must be something about the head shape/size that requires casting v forging.
  6. Just wondering if there was any difference between the feel and performance of the Staff Model Forged wedges and the cast Staff Model HT (High toe) wedge version. Thanks.
  7. Has anybody ordered these with the DG AMT Tour White shafts with the black PVD finish? I'd like to know how the black finish holds up on these shafts. Do they scratch easily or have you found it to be durable? Thanks.
  8. My current EE move is almost identical to the AM in this video. My EE starts almost from takeaway and then gets worse, until the culminating "goat hump' at impact. Conceptually I understand the issue as shown on the video, but I'm not sure how to put it into practice. The main set up difference seems to be to bend at the ankles more towards the ball so that the center of the pelvis is in front of the ankles. Correct? I can feel that. But what else do you need to do? Visualising/feeling swinging around the center of my pelvis...that does not make sense to me because that is what I thought I w
  9. Thanks, much appreciated. When I add more left side bend, it does feel 'stack and tilty'. The side bend move feels unnatural for me likely because I have not been doing it, but I do think I have the basics of the move down with the left knee outwards and slightly in, which facilitates the right hip back and up (not level). I read the iTeach article and he talks about a more inward hand path, and I have always been comfortable with this move and takeaway, so I have some things to try. I am seeing a pro later this week who has video and launch monitor, so I'll be able to see exactly what I'm doi
  10. I know from video that I have a flat shoulder turn which creates suboptimal impact conditions, especially EE. I suspect that more left side bend would steepen the shoulder plane, creating better downswing conditions, so this is something that I have been working on indoors. With my normal/historical 'flat' swing, at 90 degree (full) backswing turn, I cannot see my right foot as it is blocked from view by my left (lead) shoulder/delt. When I add more left side bend in the BS, I can see the right foot as the lowered left shoulder and side bending brings it into view. I'm wondering if this is a v
  11. The OP has asked a legitimate question, so it would be appreciated if someone with first hand knowledge playing the Icons and Staff Blades would comment. Everyone knows that blades are not forgiving--that's not helpful.
  12. I appreciate all the comments/advice. My OP will be frustrating for some of you because I'm asking about a feel for a particular part of the downswing and a body position that, if I'm doing it right, would probably happen naturally and without thought. And I am also aware that the self-diagnosis rabbit hole never ends well--perhaps, right side bend is not the problem, and/or there's something else in the chain that needs work. (Probably.) All I know is that there have been a couple of occasions on the course, when I implemented what I thought was more side bend, and made solid contact with inc
  13. Minus the fashion, that's not far off how I look at impact..very similar, in fact.
  14. Fair question. I have videod my swing extensively. I know what I'm doing and should be doing. I'm not chasing positions, but I'm trying to add a critical component to my swing that I suspect I'm not doing or not doing enough. On video, there is little right side bend in my normal swing, and actually not enough left side bend either, but I can work on that because I know what that looks and feels like--that is in progress. The main issue or consequence of my swing pattern is that I early extend. Massive G hump at impact, especially with longer clubs, and I don't generate the clubhead speed I'm
  15. I'll have to give the MIM's a try. I'll have the T-20's for the next year or so, at least. I like the T-20's, but the PUR's were softer, and that is the feel I like in a wedge. Prior to the PUR's, I had Cally Mack Daddy 2's and I loved those wedges as well. I'd appreciate knowing which 2020 wedges feel like the PUR's or MD 2's. It sounds like for some of you that is the MIM, so if I get the chance I'll have to demo them.
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