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  1. T100s 4-9 T100 PW (46) & GW(50) 56 & 60 Vokey No loft bending, only lie angle.
  2. How do the T22's compare in feel to the T7's and T20's. I've owned both the 7's and 20's and did not like them--felt hard and clicky to me, especially for a forged wedge. I know the T22's have the copper underlay. Does that make a difference? So if you've played the 7's or 20's and found them hard and clicky as I did, how do the T22's feel?
  3. Do the 221's and 225's have the same finish? The 221's look chrome, and the 225's brushed. How big of a contrast is that? I'm also thinking of a 221/225 combo.
  4. Do the 221's and 225's have the same finish? Anyone combo 221/225?
  5. Non- tourney: Driver. All day every day. A possible driven green/ace on a par 4...are you kidding me! That's your duty. Tourney: 4 or 5 iron, but possibly driver if I'm striping it. Bomb and gouge works. (Mark Broadie.)
  6. The 223’s are chunky, and are larger overall than the 225’s. I’d imagine some might go for the 223’s because of the feel versus the hollow 225’s. Top line is slightly thinner on the 223’s as well, so top down optics might sway someone towards 223’s.
  7. I hv no idea. The week before I had the ‘20 MMC’s in my hands with the 223. The 223 is huge, comparatively. The ‘20 MMC is closer to the T100.
  8. I don’t think so. I think it’s just the angle.
  9. Yes, def more GI characteristics. It is much chunkier than the MP20 MMC, which I thought the 223 was replacing. And perhaps it is replacing the MMC, but the 223 is a totally different animal. I was hoping for an MMC replacement that kept to relatively the same size, sole shape, top line etc, but the 223 is not that way at all--much larger overall footprint, thicker top line. The 225 is actually closer in dimensions to the '20MMC, but with a thicker top line.
  10. Just following up on my OG comments about the sole on the 223, and in relation to the posts above. These are comparison pics. Left to right is: 223, 225, Titleist T100. Interestingly the 223 has a wider sole than the 225, (but the top line is slightly thinner than the 225.) The T100 is different gravy. (All 3 were demo heads.)
  11. Iron head covers are like a mullet. You might like it…you might think it looks cool, but you have zero credibility:)
  12. Not enough talk about those MB’s. Get rid of the the orange paint fill and these approach art. And one of the best and most durable black finishes in the biz. He wins with these!
  13. I think it would be closer to the Zx5 In overall size and sole width. Perhaps in between but closer to the 5. Zx7’s definitely have a narrower sole.
  14. It is absolutely *not* smaller than the MP20MMC. It’s bigger, overall, and the sole is significantly wider. I should have taken a photo. Maybe by this weekend I’ll get to that and update this.
  15. I think a 'Forged i210' is a good analogy for the 223. And the i210's are played on a ton of tours, so maybe I need to get over myself on the sole of the 223's;)
  16. Yeah, I suspect that it will have a lot of MOI...a lot of forgiveness. It's a fairly large head. And It is fairly strong lofted, so it will be long. It will tick a lot of boxes for many golfers. I was hoping it was a 'cleaned' up MP 20 MMC, that's my issue, and it is not that.
  17. Then this might be your iron. Bootilicious is what came to mind, actually:). The sole is probably closest to the MP 20 HMB. It is definitely much wider than the MP 20 MMC. The 3D from Korea I posted does not accurately represent how wide that sole actually is. And again, I was holding the 7 iron. To me it looks GI, and that's fine if Mizuno wants to position it there, but I thought that was the hole that the 225 was to fill. Anyway, check it out when they arrive. Obviously it's Mizuno, so it will be quality and do the job, but just not what I was expecting, and not the kind of sole that I'm looking for.
  18. Today I had the 223’s in my hands and was shocked at how wide the sole was. We’re talking GI iron width. (This was a 7 iron.)I held it next to a T100s 7 iron and it was startling. I then held it up against the ‘21 MMC head, and again, the 223 looked like a shovel. I had assumed the 223 was the MMC replacement and was meant to go against the T100s and i59s, but no way. Perhaps Mizuno has other ideas for the 223, but I figured it was a players iron…it is not. No pix , sorry. But if you’re thinking this is cleaner, updated MMC, players/players distance iron, with that fat a** sole, you’ll be disappointed.
  19. FYI on the 223--https://mkl.mizuno.co.kr/golf/images/club/3d/mizuno_pro_223/index.html
  20. Def interested as well. Let’s hear it.
  21. The T20's do indeed contain boron--it's stamped on the hosel. Apparently it's added to add more longevity to the wedge. I feel they should get rid of the boron, add the copper underlay, and it would be game over. Cally MD 2 wedges...that's what the Mizuno wedges should feel like.
  22. Because they don't feel like Mizuno irons. I believe it is the boron, but they just don't feel like they should to anyone used to Mizuno irons. I'm a huge fan of Mizuno. I play MP 68's, I own T7's (back up bag) and had a full set of T20's, before selling them after less than 10 rounds. Both the T7's and T20's feel hard and 'clicky' to me. They're not terrible, but you expect the Mizuno 'butta' feel and the recent offerings don't deliver that.
  23. Thanks. I thought about adding the T100S's into the equation, but I'm not sure I want lofts that strong. Also hearing good things about the Zx7's, so if anyone has comparisons with the Srixons and the original 3 sets I mentioned, that would be appreciated as well.
  24. The battle of the tech/players irons. Who has hit/owned them (this is Golfwrx) and which set was the winner and why? Yes, they are different designs (770's & Apex '21 are hollow) and the aforementioned have slightly stronger lofts, but they are in direct competition with one another, and they have my attention. Talking about feel, dispersion, distance consistency etc. And obviously, if I could hit them, I wouldn't be posting this...so please. Thanks!
  25. Cobra PUR. Might be the softest cast wedges ever. Minimalist look, Low glare. They tick all the boxes for me. So good I just bought a backup set for when my current ones loose their zip.
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