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  1. Awesome Score! That Hoofer looks clean!
  2. I have a nice set of JDM Mizuno MP-32's. Set is 5-PW. All faces are pretty clean. One small rock ding on face of 6 iron towards the toe. Hardly noticeable. Shafts are True Temper DGISLJ300. I was told these are Japanese issue S300's and were changed at the Mizuno factory in Japan. All matching serial numbers on shaft bands. I have also had these authenticated by Mizuno Golf Japan and can forward the emails they sent me. Grips are practically new Lamkin Tour full cord 58R logo down. Asking $250 shipped to the lower 48. First time seller on here but you can check my feedback on ebay. Please feel
  3. Typically I would say a push cart has 3 or more wheels and a wider handle to push. A pull cart only has 2 wheels.
  4. I am a walker and prefer to carry but alas I am getting older. I recently picked up a mint condition Browning Spartan pull cart. Its very well made and just couldn't let it go to the trash. I have read the pros and cons of pushing vs. pulling but I used pull carts when I first started playing and thought they were fine. My playing partner uses a Clicgear pushcart and the few times I tried it it just seemed to big and cumbersome. Just wondering if many people still use a pull cart or any other opinions on pull vs. push? Any pics of some cool pull cart set ups would be nice!
  5. Recently bought these from a reputable online seller but am unsure of their authenticity. Only bought the 7 & 9 iron from a set they were breaking up. The first thing I noticed when I picked them up was the serial numbers. The 7 iron is laser etched on the hosel and reads FTD 18. This is unlike any mizuno serial number I have seen before. The 9 iron has no serial at all. By all appearances they both look legit. The other things I am questioning is the hosel seems longer on the 9 iron than the 7, and the paintfill on the "Mizuno" on the 9 doesnt look as crisp. I know they have been reshafte
  6. Ping EYE 2 Mizzy MP-14 & 32 Hogan 99 Apex & Apex Plus
  7. Is there anything particular I should do on here for returning a club that has damage that wasn't shown in the listing? Or just do a paypal claim after contacting seller? Thanks
  8. Ping eye 2. I think everyone should play them at least once in their life.
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