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  1. P/A is 46* so lofts are perfect, just stamped different. 8 iron is 37 length and 34 loft, perfect 7 iron specs. The 5 iron is a 4 iron, so just play p/a to 5. Not really a big deal.
  2. Upgraded my gc2 for a quad. Sold gc2 already, but since buyer didn't wanted the HMT cameras, I have one unit to move. Comes with an unused set of gc2 stickers (520 stickers) the cable is a generic one, works just as good. Asking $4500 or best offer.
  3. Heads are big, they do have noticeable offset.
  4. I'm not playing, but two of my playing partners are. Irons are similar to ap1 in size. More forgiving than the titleist tough. Driver is quite light, nice sound and draw biased. It seems to launch high and the shaft plays weak to flex in driver. Not so much on fw woods and hybrids.
  5. Still gaming the 460 version. As long as you don't need extreme low spin, the driver is unbeatable. Long, forgiving, and sounds great. Also, the weighting system really seems to work.
  6. I think the IB is an upcharge shafts, Honma version of the steelfiber.
  7. I played both 0311P gen2 and the Honma. Tw X are a bit smaller heel to toe, with a wider sole. Offset was around the same, at least to my eye.
  8. I'm gaming a tr20p/v combo set. There is nothing better out there. Tr21X is the real secret weapon. If you are looking for distance and high launch with forgiveness, this are the holy grail. Just better than PXG or Taylor in every way.
  9. I just bought my mother some honma XP1. It was either that or PXG. The Honma where better. The other site reviewed them as the most forgiving set for last year. Price was better than PXG as well.
  10. Check out the new Honma tr21. It's insanely good.
  11. The xp1 line is getting replaced, I was told a new wedge is coming this summer. Tr20 irons are still going, the replacement is probably going to be tr22
  12. What launch monitor did they use. If it was trackman, check for italics on the spin numbers. That means the spin is calculated and not read. Gcquad is the best way to get accurate spin numbers. Balls and mats can have an impact on spin as well. You usually get more launch and less spin hitting of mats. The difference between a urethane ball and a two piece hard cover ball is huge. So there are many things to look into...
  13. I'm a scratch golfer on the lower spinning side. Loft will usually do more for you than a shaft change. The problem comes with the lower lofted irons, so I go with a 4 hybrid, and 17fw wood.
  14. What was your descent angle with your 7 iron? Did he suggested bending your irons weak?
  15. What was your descent angle with your 7 iron? Did he suggested bending your irons weak?
  16. I really liked the RS driver from a few years back. Anybody tried this new one? Thanks
  17. In my experience, you use it a few times and move on. Get one of the PRGR radars, way cheaper and you get SS and ballspeed. And start saving for a skytrak, mevo+ or used GC2.
  18. Head shape, not so different to the tr20V, just higher MOI with the pocket cavity. Similar to t200/ap2 shape.
  19. Did the launch monitor had face contact information? Either you where not hitting the sweet spot, or the head was a dud.
  20. Try the tr20 with another shaft, you where probably not hitting the sweetspot, because the head is as hot as it gets. I never really cared for sub 2000 spin numbers. Unless you are robot, you are going to loose strokes. I prefer the spin in the 2200/2300s.
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