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  1. these are jewels...pls don't game them. just show them off here every few years.
  2. I remember reading a post on another putter maker that started a company that worked with scotty earlier in their careers. Can anybody help?
  3. how long did you have to torch? ive seen other torched heads that get more brown or gray...really love what you did.
  4. i play little stronger grip with my higher lofted irons and get weaker as my clubs get longer. in my opinion when my grip get too strong i tend to naturally hold off on my release which causes exactly what you are talking about...by weakening my grip with my longer clubs i think i can feel the clubhead more open which helps me release rather than hold off with a stronger grip.
  5. close the clubface at address so its pointing well left of the target...just swing away until you can hit the ball straight or not dead left. you should learn to be more patient during the transition.
  6. just try over exaggerating having all the weight on your trail foot at address and move the ball slightly forward...
  7. All prices shipped conus All iron sets was purchased std l/l/l mp69 4-pw dg x100 golf pride mizuno grips - will include mizuno head covers - sold nike vr pro 3-pw dgs300 golf pride tour velvet grips - sold mizuno mp 68 - 3-pw project x 5.5 shafts - golf pride tour velvet grips - sold
  8. where did you get lie angle stickers?
  9. man...why did i have to see this. someone pls buy this quick before i go broke.
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