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  1. I gamed a Directed Force 1st gen. for about a year. It had a SS 1.0, and it felt comfortable. I played the ball a an inch or so forward in my stance with the DF. If you go to a conventional grip you might have to move the ball ahead a bit. If you pull that Press grip I would be interested in it.
  2. How did the resident work? I use a line on my ball had issues with getting the line level to the ground.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a shipping code if anybody has one. Thanks
  4. Thanks Stuart, If they were going to just butt trim the 7 iron shaft to 9 iron length how would it change its characteristics.
  5. i was at the range a couple of weeks ago and my Srixon 585 shaft broke between the hosel and ferule. I called the local golf store and he said that I should be covered by Srixon but it could take up to 12 weeks to send it in and get it back. The local golf store has the same set of 585s with the same factory modus 105s on the rack. I want to get a modus 105 7 iron shaft and have them cut the shaft from the tip and the butt end so when the 7 iron shaft and the 9 iron shaft are beside each other the taper profile match. My question. Is a Nippon pro modus 105 9 iron shaft and 7 iron shaft the sam
  6. We must have the same taste in putters. I spoke to Chip at Black Lab about a BL-1 Carbon with a raw finish a couple of months ago. I ended up getting a Timeless DH in a black ox finish. I would be interested how that BL-1 feels. I had a raw Palombi 389 that I used Birchwood Casey to gun blue. As the blue wore off the putter rusted nicely. Before I blued it, I torch and quenched it. What ever you choose to do, have fun and post pics.
  7. I started putting a line around my ball with a marker and I am having better luck getting the ball roll end over end with my dale head than I am with the spider. The only real benefit I have found to the mallet is when my stroke gets completely out of whack.
  8. i got a L neck Spider last October and games until a couple of weeks ago. The spider was easy to line up but for what ever reason I could not put a good roll on it. The Spider went into my 10 year olds bag and I got a Timeless brand carbon dalehead which feels great. If the the Timeless doesn’t get out of line I might look at upgrading to a DH89. If it dose get out of line, I know where to find the Spider
  9. BAD is much bigger. If that is better for his overall game I don’t know, time will tell. I am watching him putt with his armlock and the size of his forearms are “Popeye” ish. It looks like he grew a third hand out of his left forearm and it is grabbing the putter. That might be where he is getting an advantage with his extra muscles is armlock putting.
  10. What do think the toe hang on that Kestch is too ng to be. I would love to know how that putters rolls when it is put together.
  11. It better do something special, it is definitely ugly. I’ve gamed the Edel E-1, E-3 and the Directed Force. I really took grief over the Directed Force and rightfully so because it was huge and looked like a branding iron. I dealt with the grief because I felt there was some science behind the idea. Not this putter, Im the not so distant future the Truss will be on the ugliest golf club thread.
  12. I am toying with the idea of getting a raw carbon head and hot bluing it myself. There is regular hot bluing that involves bringing a mixture of chemical to 300 degrees and dipping it. Then there is a process of hot salt bluing that involves bringing a Nitre compound up to 600 degrees in a smelting pot and dipping it. The finish that I find the prettiest is the Hot salt gun blue that is on a lot of Machine putters. I am not sure if that is the same actual process or just shares the same name. If anybody has any experience with the hot salt gun bluing process I would be interested in hearing y
  13. 9* G400 Max with a Tour 65 stiff shaft. Stock length Headcover and wrench included. Midsize CP2 Sold shipped. SwingByte 2. Used 2 times on the range. $60 shipped 23* U85 stock stiff Recoil 95 Jumbo CP2 Headcover included. $115 shipped. All prices are obo. Grips can by replaced with standard size New tour velvet if asking price is met PM me for questions
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