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  1. 1. City and State? Chicago, IL 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) Outdoor during the golf season, indoor during winter 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? Never a personal launch monitor 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? The weakest part of my game is wedge distance control, having constant feedback in terms of accurate yardages from my various wedge swings would be invaluable 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Of course
  2. Anyone have any instructor recommendations in the SW/W burbs? Looking at the various instructors at Cog, Mistwood and Cantigny if anyone has experience with instructors there I would love to hear it. Additionally would love to know if anyone has worked with Jake Thurm in Hillside, he's a bit out of my price range but I'm in La Grange so he's close. Really looking for a tune-up after a few years of on and off golf because of shoulder problems.
  3. Today would have been my grandfather's 92nd birthday, so we thought it would be fitting for some father-son golf at what was his favorite course, Cog #2. Only the second time I have played it and it might just be one of my favorites after today. Once you really "get into" the course after the first two or three holes, it's absolutely shocking what it looks like. Completely different than courses 1 and 3, two courses I walk often and enjoy but the east (?) side of the complex is just spectacular in terms of rolling hills, huge mature trees everywhere, relatively tight driving holes and the ravines of course. Fairways looked like they need to be cut and they had some issues with tee placement (some looked like they haven't been moved in months) but overall good conditions. It's also that time of year where you can lose a ball in a pile of leaves... actually was looking for my Dad's tee shot in the leaf covered fairway on 10 right at the top of the hill and neglected to lock the wheels on my pushcart, the wind gusted and my pushcart went flying down the hill and smacked into a tree, nothing broken and it was actually kind of funny. Speaking of the wind, oh boy. It wasn't much until about the 6th hole, then it got nasty. My phone was showing 20+ mph with gusts of 30+, made for some brutal holes, the par 3 14th for 150 yards, playing into a genuine 4 club wind. Greens were nice for having been recently punched it seems, fast too. I have no reference in terms of stimp but played Downers Grove on Friday (maybe my favorite greens I have played in the area) and the greens at Cog 2 were quicker, had some real U.S. Open ball oscillating going on with the winds too. It turned into the kind of round where if I had any kind of birdie putt I was ecstatic, and finished with an 82 that felt like a 72. Totally exhausted after the round, the course might be right on the edge of what I am comfortable walking in this kind of weather. Not exactly in my "play it every week" price range but will most definitely be making it a regular in the rotation.
  4. I am a but surprised he decided driving distance is what he needs to take his game to the next level, I would think by looking at his stats that his wedge and approach game needs more attention. Having said that, he is very entertaining and I think gets too much crap from everyone simply for being different. And regarding his bulk up, if that's what he thinks he needs to do then kudos. The best way to gain muscle mass quickly is work out a ton and eat a ton, then slowly cut the inevitable fat that comes with it and he's done a nice job so far. Happens all the time in wrestling and football... just a bit odd in golf so everyone is freaking out.
  5. I'm a 10.5 3E and wear the OG Premium in 11 with a thinner insole (high arches) and love them.
  6. Apologies if someone has already asked but what is the fit difference between the OG feel and OG Premium? I wear the OG Premium in 11 with a thinner insole and love them.
  7. adidas has always been way too narrow for me, but I keep hearing such good things about the boost series is the wide pretty generous? Depends on how wide you need, I’m a 3E and they aren’t anywhere near wide enough.
  8. It can be fun but also a huge pain in the Word not allowed to experiment with standard grips with varying layers underneath. Generally a standard grip with 4 wraps underneath will be the same size as a midsize grip but might feel a bit firmer. Also keep in mind the size of the actual end of the grip will not change, I used to build up standard size grips but have since moved back to midsize because I prefer a larger grip cap.
  9. The best one isn't even on the list... AD DI 105
  10. Go with the plain style, can wear them with everything. And FYI guys it’s not a wingtip, it’s a brogue cap toe... not that it matters here on a golf forum.
  11. It's pretty common for people to continuously buy new, play it for 6 months, trade in for the new clubs. Add to that Callaway hyped the Epic more than normal in my opinion so this is what you get when people realized that unless they were fit for it they were not going to see gains. Also looks like just about every big box store used section to me.
  12. I can't speak to Orlando instructors but if you're willing to drive to Jacksonville go see Dan Carraher (iteach on here), he's right at your limit price wise and I don't think you will find anyone here who has worked with him have anything but good things to say.
  13. Correlation does not imply causation.
  14. I had an online lesson with Dan last year and can't recommend him enough. The lessons are affordable and he sends an extremely detailed video of what your doing well and what needs to be fixed and why, often comparing to one or two of his students who have similar problem areas. He sends a second video of what drill(s) you need to be working on, all within 48 hours. I was actually prescribed the same drill as the OP, keep at it and drill it to no end. It really helps create a "steep to shallow" move and helps me rotate though the swing. I went from a post shoulder surgery mess of a swing that was all kinds of steep and swinging way left to a pretty neutral one with the drill. Scores are now lower than before I messed up my swing.
  15. I have also noticed the knits are not as wide as previous shoes. Exchange is very easy, I sized up once and eventually did a full return so no worries on that. Can anyone speak to any fit differences between the knits and outsider or originals? Knits were just too narrow for my feet, hoping their other stuff runs wider.
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