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  1. Currently 4 different brands. 5 with the bag Driver- Ping G 3 wood- TM Sim Max Hybrid- TM M3 20* Irons- Mizuno MP 20 MMC 4-PW Wedges- Mizuno T20 51, 55, 59 Putter- Cleveland Bag- Sun Mountain 4-5
  2. A hack is a guy that posts on GolfWRX about how he drives the ball long, 240, and straight then posts the same day about going to the range to solidify the driver like its giving him trouble
  3. 240 off the tee isnt what anyone in their right mind would call a bomber. Unless you are female then yes thats pretty dang good. Paddy, youre really trolling now. Its totally obvious. After your round this afternoon the MF will be back in play and the TS2 will be at goodwill
  4. Paddy youre just a naturally gifted troll and not a driver of the golf ball. I swear guys this has to be a relative of Jones Scott. Hes going to be google earthing Augusta next and will tell us with his driver skills he could shoot 80 from the tips easily. Then maybe in a couple years he will get a MF sponsorship and join the tour.
  5. New irons. MP20 MMC 4-pw, 3 new T20 wedges and a M3 19* hybrid I bought off the BST. This is my first set of Mizuno irons after really only playing Ping or Titleist. So far so good. Its still too cold in Ohio to play but Ive had alot of range time. I was fit for the irons however the wedges I bought on a whim. I got the 51, 55, and 59. It will be interesting to see how they are around the greens. If I dont like them ill go back to Vokeys
  6. Paddys gonna have to fill out a tax return on all these course winnings
  7. Its the other way around Jones Scott err I mean Paddy. We are not getting through to you!
  8. I really believed Paddy was just dumb to the subject of Golf. I really really did but after reading his last couple posts I now firmly believe hes JonesScott reincarnated. Hes trolling us all and he will soon crash and burn if he hasnt already.
  9. In the last 2 days Paddy has went from donating clubs to goodwill and thinking of buying a new iron set. Then he thought about just keeping the hawkeyes. Then he wanted new irons again, and finally hes going to re-shaft the hawkeyes. This is just in 2 days guys! He has no clue. I think its too insane for even a troll. This guy is legit and just whacked out
  10. Listen man. I understand swing weight. Im just telling YOU, as in Paddy the 20 hdc. that swingweight should be the furthest thing from your mind. For christ sake in your last post you mention you dont want SGI irons and in the same post you say your thinking about SGI. Your seriously ****** up
  11. I totally get that you are trying to figure it out. Theres alot of info to digest for a noob. However this post here proves you know absolutrly nothing. You seriously need to get out of your own way and listen to the guys that are giving you good advice. Lets be real, you havent listened to shit. You shouldnt be worried about AOA. You need to worry about your grip, stance, takeaway etc. Its like your trying jump way ahead all at once and your just going to end up frustrated in the end. You also said you were fit by MF and the guy did a good job. If thats the case then why are you now starting
  12. There is no way in hell I could tell the difference between C8 and C9 or hell even D2 which is what my irons are supposed to be now and Ive played more golf and bought more iron sets in the last 20 years then Id like to admit. Your nuts man. I bet you its the weight of the shaft thats messing with you and not the head weight. You need lessons and course time. You havent listened to anything anyone has told you in these last 2 threads and you arent going to in the next 10 threads you create either. You are however very entertaining and a good read. I really believe you are not trolling. You
  13. Honestly man, you are clueless. A forged iron will not help your spin and dispersion as a 19 hdc. I bet you anything you cant even tell the difference between forged vs cast. The last thing you should be looking at is a blade iron. You have had alot of good advice in your last 2 threads and you havent followed any of it. So go ahead and buy yourself a set of blades. Then you will be coming back to start another thread on how they are too heavy and you should have bought shovels instead.
  14. New irons wont make as much difference as you think unless you get a set of MF. If you go the MF route then yes new irons may make a difference.
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