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  1. •Epic Max LS 9* •Ventus Blue 6S VeloCore from Will Peoples •Also have the MMT 70g stiff the driver came with •Played two 9 hole rounds and no range balls. No dings, dents etc. •Both shafts measure 45.75" The Ventus has a Tour Velvet grip. The MMT has a NDMC green/black •Willing to listen to offers. No trades please. First to paypal gets it. •Please message me with any questions or if you need more pics. Thanks for looking! ☆PRICE DROPS☆ Driver with Ventus- $800 NOW $725 Driver with MMT 70g stiff- $475 NOW $400 Ventus Blue 6S VeloC
  2. I really like my 120 S300s. I have them in a set of MP20 MMCs. Ive played the regular S300 for years. The 120s launch a little higher. The 2 seem pretty similar besides that.
  3. I see what your talking about. Im a little OCD myself however I think once you get some chatter on them they will look fine.
  4. Ive got the exact same club hopefully arriving later this week. To me the 70g MMT felt better than the 60g.
  5. I have the MMCs. I really really like them. My 7 iron swing speed is lower than the OPs at 85mph. I feel like Ive gained distance with the MMC longer irons because of the tungsten. There is tungsten in the 4-7 irons. They feel great on well struck shots and my distance isnt hurt too bad when I hit the toe (my main miss). They are a little smaller than the Forged.
  6. I have DG 120 S300 in my irons and then regular S300 in my wedges. I didnt plan it out like that but the 120 was an upcharge for my wedges so I went with the tried and true. I notice no difference really. Ive been playing S300 for many years.
  7. Just got fitted for the Epic Max LS with a Stiff MMT 70. I hope it gets here relatively soon. This driver felt so good in the fitting. Ive always been a Ping driver guy however the Max LS felt better and looked better behind the ball for me.
  8. Sub 70 is great. I have a set of the 639 CBs and they are just as good as any other OEM brand.
  9. How backed up has Callaway been. Im getting fitted for a new Epic driver tomorrow. Kinda curious as to how long my wait will be.
  10. Ballistol for the win. I use it on all my guns also. The stuff works
  11. Mizuno T20. They have been pretty solid. I was always a Ping wedge player before and these remind me of the old Ping Tour wedges.
  12. Im going in for a fitting next Thursday. Ive played nothing but Ping Drivers for the last 6 years. Im jumping on the Callaway train this year. Im thinking the Epic Speed will be what I end up with. Im not sure I need the LS. We shall see
  13. I have 4. Ping Driver Taylormade 3w/3 Hybrid Mizuno Irons/ Wedges Cleveland Putter
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