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  1. Only trade interest is a Ping G410 LST 10.5 Head. Thanks! Miura CB 1008 4-Pw Black - These have seen about 10 rounds since I got them. Some club chatter. They are shafted with Nippon Super Peening Blue Stiffs. Grips are brand new standard Lamkin UTX in grey. $1200 Miura KM 350 - This was refinished in a slate by the previous owner. I don't know by whom. Only carpet rolled by me. Comes with a Nippon N.S. pro shaft and pingman grip. $500Mevo - This is BNIP. Not much else to say. SOLDEpon AF 505 4-Pw Heads - I only shafted up the 6i and pw to do indoor testing. They both saw 10 to 15
  2. These are the Stenson model 4i-pw. Shafts are Modus 130 S in the 5-pw and S200 in the 4i. The 6i has a small ding on the face (see pic). Sold
  3. I don't think the fescue is what you think it's gonna be. Pga, not us open ?
  4. I have a couple of thoughts that popped into my head about scoring when I thought about my one round with baby blades last season. I'm a ho-hum 4 handicap, so I have a decent idea of my misses and how they normally affect proximity. I definitely shot the worst score of the season and it was 13 strokes above my average. I will say that the course was playing long and wet, but mishits were measurably (some severe, others 5 yards) punished, whether they were slightly fat where a bit more bounce would have helped, or slightly toe where more perimeter weighting would help. Now, obviously this is
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