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  1. 1. City, State? New York, NY 2. Handicap? 1. 5 3. Current putter? Sik Dw 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio stock 28 Armlock 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes Thanks!
  2. Ping G410 LST 8.5 - Very good condition with a clean crown and face. Comes with a Diamana ZF 60TX playing at 45" untipped. Grip is standard Grey Lamkin UTX SOLD Miura CB 1008 4-Pw Black - Good condition. Typical club chatter and some scuffs on 4 toes but really only the PW is very noticeable (see pics). They are shafted with Nippon Super Peening Blue Stiffs. Grips are brand new standard Lamkin UTX in grey. $1100 Epon AF 505 4-Pw Heads - I only shafted up the 6i and pw to do indoor testing. They both saw 10 to 15 balls. The rest are still BNIP. $1525 TM M2
  3. Ooohhhh. I thought that's what the OP was asking about. Yeah, I have the taper tips...
  4. To me they feel on par in the shorter irons and progressively softer. But they don't ever feel loose to me. I'm 90-91 mph with a 7 iron. Smooth - medium transition. But once again, I don't mind a lighter shaft. I've heard the non-FC steefibers play stiffer (even in the short irons) , but I haven't hit them.
  5. Yeah. Best part for me is that the flighted aspect helps keep spin down in the short irons but adds launch and spin for mids and longs. All tight dispersion wise
  6. Also, ball speed is best for me with the fcs. But that probably means that they fit me best and I just hit the middle more often
  7. I have played modus 120x, 130s and 125x as well as spb stiffs in the past. For me, these spun the same or less, but I'm not an extremely spinny guy. 115 FC don't balloon for me unless it's REALLY into the wind. Of course, I play like a sissy and am happy to take extra club and knock one down. Dispersion is tighter with these for me. Could be that I'm better in slightly lighter shafts. 107 to 109 mph driver indoors. Could be more outside, but never tested.
  8. I've played them for 3 years in Honma 737 VS's. Pros - smooth, not too spinny, can flight them, but also hoist them if needed. Also, they're a little lighter than tour weights for those of us that carry a bunch. Obviously easy on the joints vs steel. Cons - can be a little light if you're coming from heavy weight steel. I say go for them!
  9. No Trades Please. Scotty T22 in the harder to find 33" original length w/ 20g weights. Top line added by Scotty Custom Shop. Pictures say it all about condition. Standard loft and lie. Sold!
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