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  1. I would give it at least 10 business days before asking a seller to open a lost package case. Even that might be to pushy considering their issues. I had some vacuum filters I ordered from ebay last month that said the exact same thing for 6 days. I messaged the seller to ask if he physically shipped the package. It was in my mailbox when I got home later that day. Tracking updated after the delivery was made so I think you will be just fine.
  2. The whole point of the big weight is to make swingweighting a much simpler process. I've been told by a few at pxg that swingweight is very overrated but I just bite my tongue. They have to lose business with that attitude but yet the new gen 4 is designed to be easier to swingweight, so I think they must have been losing some sales. Most people think the weights can be switched out but once again pxg is being stupid about it. If someone wants to change the big weight just send them the weight. They paid almost 3grand so it should be the consumers call on changing it out themselves.
  3. I don't think he even wants to try honestly. It's probably less questions if you have to go thru a translator.
  4. It is ridiculous. Sounds like buyers remorse. They are awesome irons for price. Probably the best buy in golf right now is the 0211.
  5. Yep everyone measures differently so not sure what you think is the universal way or that what see is correct?
  6. The shaft is fine. You can bend them quite a bit for as long as you want and they will go back to their original shape.
  7. I use golf grip warehouse for my stuff and they ship extremely quick. Good price and free shipping over $49.
  8. It looks as though the package is moving again so you will see it soon I think.
  9. They only deal with authentic products in which they buy in bulk from manufacturers. I would be curious as to how you got a possible "fake"? That would be a first seeing something like that from them. Then again anytime someone gets a deal it must be a knock off these days. Interested to hear what they say to you about this. Lots of people have purchased through them over the years with good results.
  10. Those are the previous version if I recall. You mentioned a crazy deal earlier so maybe that's why.
  11. This is pretty funny. 1 tiny dent. Have you ever looked at a different golf bag or is this your first set?
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