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  1. 785 was a fairway finder no matter where you hit it on the face. Super accurate, distance was great as well. Didn't play the 585 much but it wasn't as good as the 785. I did switch to the zx5 this time around which gave better results. Have really enjoyed the last 2 releases.
  2. Love the zx5/ventus red combo I've been playing all year. Swapped the 8g weight for a 10g which helped bring it to life a little bit. You can find great deals on the zx5 that's for sure. It's not nearly as high launch as I thought it would be. Didn't get a chance to hit it first but in hindsight the 10.5 probably would have helped more VS my 9.5 turned all the way up. The mizuno is crazy good for customization but sometimes that has its draw backs. Both new srixon drivers are pleasing to look down at address that's for sure.
  3. I was there all day Wednesday and Sunday. We heard very little that would even be considered going to far. 99.9% of the people there were respectful and considerate to the players. This year was great actually.
  4. I ordered 4dz z stars from srixon 3 weeks ago that just arrived earlier this week. Never even thought to blame srixon for the problem. It's perfectly normal now unfortunately so just have to deal with it.
  5. Absolutely, that's what this place is about. For what it's worth I have a ventus red 5s in the driver which probably helps out accuracy . Had the riptide 50s in it at first but just a little to light for my tempo. The color combo is gorgeous with the red so that was a little bonus. It's a tad bit loud but not offensive by any means.
  6. The gel course duo boa definitely run big but are very comfortable. Did have to order, return, reorder and had to go down a half size. Honestly I could have still gotten away with going down another 1/2 size to a 10. Wear 11 in every thing else for the last 20 years.
  7. I have played both the zx5 and 7 all summer long. The zx5 is definitely longer but both excel in the accuracy department. Played the 785 for the last two years so that's all I can compare it to. The zx5 came alive when I changed the stock 8g for a 10g. Doesn't sound like much but it worked wonders. Will be sticking with the zx5 for awhile. It's a bomber.
  8. Definitely firmer and a lower flight vs standard prov1. Went thru 3 of them this afternoon while playing a round. Ebay prices are coming down to around $130 a dozen vs $50 higher a day or two ago.
  9. Milwaukee, WI Golf galaxy and Paganica golf course TaylorMade tour response It looks neat and sounds like a good learning tool, mainly putting and chipping
  10. I think you got the wrong message.
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